Time Management – Stop Allowing yourself to Be Distracted

Time Management

Stop Allowing yourself to Be Distracted

The best way to achieve greatness and to excel at everything you do is to remove distraction from your life. Whatever you do, always give 100 % to the task at hand. When you are working on any specific project, place all your energy into working as effectively as you can on that project only. Avoid your natural tendency to keep thinking about other projects or personal issues. The same is true for when you are resting or playing, concentrate all your energy on actually recharging your batteries during rest or whilst carrying out your hobby. Avoid thinking about any work related issues, during this time, as this will keep you from adequately resting. Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, be there completely.

Focus 100 % on What You are Doing

I guess that this sounds like common sense and as such you would assume that everybody lives their lives like this. Unfortunately as you know, most things that are common knowledge or common sense are seldom common practice. Commit to make this subtle, yet crucial shift to the way you approach everything in your life and you will see a profound improvement in the results you will enjoy in both your life and business. When you make this shift, you will be more focused on your work, whilst working and your energy will all flow towards making you operate as effectively and productively as possible. The same is true for whilst you are resting. The focus you will invest into actually resting, will allow you to recharge your batteries properly, allowing you to be rested and ready to tackle your week with gusto.

Don’t allow yourself to be Distracted

So many people allow themselves to be distracted from the task at hand. When they are working, they are thinking about friends, rest, recreation or other distractions and while they are spending time with friends’ or family or they are involved in recreational activities, they are constantly thinking of work and feel like they are procrastinating. This is the reason why so many people struggle to find harmony and balance in their lives.

When you are constantly focused on something else, when carrying out any task, your attention is not completely on the task at all. So when this happens, your energy flows away from where it should be. As you know wherever you attention goes, your energy flows. When you allow constant distraction and you do not give all your focus to the task at hand, you will never achieve a satisfactory result in the end.

Having a Rest Ethic is as Crucial as having a Work Ethic

Resting is a crucial part of any success journey. It is during rest periods that you recharge your batteries and re-energise yourself. The challenge most people have is that during rest, when they should be recharging their batteries, they are constantly thinking about work and all the things they did not manage to get done, whilst they were working, because when they were working they were thinking about their family or focused on other distractions. This is a downward spiral and over time causes burnout and very poor performance.

Action Idea: The way to fix this is simple, start with the all-important rest periods. Schedule rest into your week and ensure that you schedule a minimum of 24 hours of total rest into your schedule. During these 24 hours, you must give yourself permission to switch off completely from work and just relax and recharge your batteries. This will allow you to be refreshed and fired up the next work day. When you commit to introduce this into your schedule, your productivity will soar and you will achieve so much the following day.

Done for the Day

Next introduce a new habit into your schedule; I refer to as “Done For The Day”. This is a scheduled time each day, which you plan into your schedule, where you accept that you are going to stop working. You give yourself permission to stop working for the day, to switch off and actually rest and unwind. This conscious permission, allows you to move from work mode into rest mode, without feeling guilty. When you make this shift and you practice this simple technique, when you are done each day, you are spending time with your family resting, instead of beating yourself up because you feel like you should rather be working. It allows you to be invested in resting 100 %. You no longer feel like you are procrastinating and should be working. You are done for the day and as such are investing really important time with your family.

Making it work for you

The best way to find a place where you feel comfortable to apply “Done For The Day” successfully in your life is to schedule your life as follows:

  • Set a time aside each day when you will stop working. The time you choose is unique to you, I choose 20H00 each day.
  • At around 19H40 I review my day and asses my performance and outcomes for that day. This takes about 5 minutes.
  • Any tasks that I was unable to complete that day. I place onto my dairy as first priorities for the next morning.
  • I then spend 15 minutes planning for the next day. I include as much information in this process as possible. For example if I need to make a call, I ensure that I include the telephone number etc.
  • I then feel comfortable that everything is taken care of and I switch off from work mode and move into rest and recharge mode.

I have given myself permission to stop working at a specific time each day. This has allowed me to completely rest and recharge my batteries, without feeling guilty that I am not working. I have also become far more effective when I work, because I am totally rested each morning. I also feel totally focused on my work and get an incredible amount done each day.

Give whatever you are doing the gift of your complete attention. Pay attention; stop staggering through your day. Focus your energy on getting from your day, stop simply trying to get through your day.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management



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  • Great post!
    For us to have time for everything before the day ends, we should manage our time better. Time management is pretty tricky and even professionals can sometimes fail to follow their schedule.
    We should clearly stay away from anything that can distract us but in order to avoid them, we have to know first what are those things that can waste our time.
    Reading this Infographic of the most common time wasters at work might help.

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