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Andrew’s no. 1 goal when he runs this Time Management Training Course is:

  1. To ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that he can help them to renew their  vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2. To create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or to inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

His relaxed and humorous style ensures that his message is remembered long after the event.

JOIN THE DOTS is a time management training program, which is structured around a simple Children’s “Join the Dots Puzzle”. This puzzle is used to enhance the picture of simplicity that should exist when applying the power tool of success, namely, the “ACTIVITY ACHIEVEMENT ROUTINE” to unlock your unlimited potential.

The core message presented in this time management training program, revolves around demystifying and simplifying time management, by guiding you to understand that time management is really a process of self management, in which you create an effective routine, to strategically manage your activities every day and provides you with a concrete set of power tools and techniques to change your current negative time management habits into an effective, efficient  “ACTIVITY ACHIEVEMENT ROUTINE”.  This carefully designed program guides all attendees to develop a new “SUCCESS HABIT SET” that will promote and ensure sustainable, long term success.

You will enjoy the way this time management course follows a systematic, yet simple structure that leaves all attendees with a very clear picture of how the whole “ACTIVITY ACHIEVEMENT ROUTINE” unfolds and some really valuable tools that you can take away and apply in your life immediately.

It is a natural tendency for us to overestimate what we can achieve in one year and significantly UNDERESTIMATE all we can achieve in a decade. This talk is designed to allow you to take a longer term view of your life and goals so that you can achieve sustainable success and meaningful results in your life.

This Time Management Training Course is for:

  1. People that are frustrated with the quality and quantity of work that they manage to get done every day. This time management training course teaches people how to develop a new success habit set that makes using their available time far more effective and efficient and teaches them a new daily routine for managing their time feel effortless.
  2. People that want to get more out of their day and be able to free up time to invest into creating a better work life balance between family, work and own interests.

Time management is really about self management. This time management training  course focuses on training business professionals how to leverage the maximum amount of benefit from their available time. We teach them a number of simple tools and techniques that will allow all attendee’s to bring increased personal and organizational productivity into their lives.

What is this Time Management Training Course About?

  1. Activity Management – How to get the most out of your day
  2. Energy Management – How do I become more effective
  3. Self Management – How do I become more effective and efficient
  4. Stimulate effective work habits, through planning

Content of the Time Management Training Course:

  • Understanding the concept of time and how to use it efficiently
  • Exploring my available time – How much time do I really have?
  • Understand how we function best – How can I use my body and mind best
  • Building a time management habit set
  • Building and effective self management system for success
  • Turning goal setting into goal achieving
  • Turning your personal and organizational purpose into value
  • Lead a fulfilling and effective life Right now
  • Accumulate real value and discover long term sustainable success

Focus areas / content of this Time Management Training course:

  • Call to action
  • Understanding and discovering your True Life Purpose
  • Defining, describing and clearly stating meaningful goals
  • Breaking goals back into manageable bite size projects
  • Building an effective action list that will deliver the desired results
  • Real knowledge transfer that will make the application of this process simple and very effective.
  • You will have a real, believable, meaningful and applicable personal tool kit

Author: Time Management Training  Course Andrew Horton

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