Change is Inevitable, Success is Optional

The one certainty you have in your life in these fast moving and evolving times; is CHANGE. Whether by choice or by circumstance any change you experience thrusts you out of your comfort zones into a world of the unknown.

It is during these times that your FEARS and self-doubts creep in and you become uncertain as to how you can keep moving forward. This is the time that you need courage and belief to carry you forward. Courage to take some tough decisions without a lot of facts and complete belief in your-self and your abilities to allow you to manage and overcome any challenges that will inevitably cross your path,  as you evolve and change.

Change is inevitable so don’t just accept change, expect and prepare for change and you will have found a success tool that will help accelerate your success. Change is most often mysterious and unpredictable, but often very necessary to allow you to grow and develop. All progress requires change, but remember that not all change is progress.

Keep the belief in your own abilities, that you will cope with anything that may come your way and see all change as merely something that has come along, to help spur you down your path of success, allowing you to evolve and develop into a conscious and brilliant human being.

Managing change is difficult and moving through the transition required, with confidence and ease is tough. You will feel unprepared and vulnerable. This is the time to take stock of your skills, wisdom and resources that are available to you right now that will help you manage any change and see what you have going for you.

This is the time to start harvesting and applying the wisdom and skills you already have, which will show you that you do have some control. This will allow you to begin to calm your mind and help you to feel more grounded and certain.

Remain patient and force yourself to not expect instant gratification or to expect a quick fix as desirable as getting the change and uncertainty behind you may be. Remain focused on applying the correct judgement call to the change rather than a quick solution that will merely make things worse.

Managing and growing within change is never about beating the clock, it is about cultivating patience, learning, growing and forging a path toward new and greater success.

Real long term and sustainable success is about the things you don’t do. When you learn to say no to the good, you leave room for the great. Practice the art of knowing when to say no. This will free up valuable time and allow you to gain more out of your most valuable possession, namely your time.


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