Making time your ally

Time, Friend or Foe?

Learning new and productive time management  habits will help you to accelerate you toward your success and the time you invest today, making time into a friend rather than a foe, will make finding balance in your life far easier.  The biggest mistake most of us make is assuming that our day will just happen.  Be disciplined every night and plan your day the night before.

You must be very specific during your planning and make sure that you allocate time slots for handling emails, messages and meetings etc. You will be amazed at how much time you can gain every day by planning to use time, rather than letting time abuse you.  Be assertive and don’t allow interruptions. Guard your time- the more disciplined you are with your time, the easier it will be for you to find time to do those really important things, like putting in the effort to achieve your goals or spend quality time with the really important people in your life.  You have to get out of the modality of just doing, doing, doing and train yourself on how to take control of time in your life before it takes control of you.

Be very specific and clear 

Muddling through your day is a huge time waster.  You need to have clarity about exactly what you must do each day.  This sounds really simple, but in reality very few people actually practice this very simple technique for improving their time consciousness.  The best time to focus on this is during your daily planning each evening; you must create a crystal clear picture every evening of what it is you wish to achieve the next day.

Super Shrink your List 

When setting up your To Do list, it is imperative that you restrict yourself to a maximum of 5 priority items each day.  These are those items that you must complete before putting your head on the pillow each night.  Break each priority in very specific action steps and tasks, so that you have complete clarity on exactly where to start and how your day will progress.  With practice this habit will actually allow you to plan and even forecast exactly what will happen each day.

If you want to foretell your future you must design it yourself.  Making your dream future your new reality happens one day at a time. The reality you are living right now is actually who you were and is a direct result of what you have done and thought in the past. Your future can and will be designed by what you do today and tomorrow.  I know that I have beaten this drum a lot this week, but the easiest way to really have a power day is to get the worst or most difficult task done first.  You will have more energy and will be far more confident once you have put the tough stuff behind you.



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