Time Management Skills – Your Energy and Time Management System is the place to store your plan

Time Management Skills

Your Energy and Time Management system is the place to store your plan

Forward planning allows you to seldom react to the events of the moment and avoids the necessity of using your memory to meet commitments.  A blunt pencil is far better at remembering things, than the sharpest memory.

  • Your system must assess how you wish to allocate your time, toward achieving your daily tasks, it helps you to think further ahead and thus avoid wasting time on crisis management.
  • Without an effective time management system we never prioritize important tasks that must be completed to move us toward achieving our commitments.
  • We need to commit to our future and avoid allowing other urgencies to scream so loudly that we neglect our priorities.

Follow the link below to download worksheet 10 to assess your current time management system or lack thereof.

Evaluate your system

What Makes a Good Time Management system?

Time Management Skills

An effective time management system will help you to:

  • Capture and retrieve needed information. You’ll need not just a place to write things, but a system for locating them again later when you need them.
  • Create, prioritize and track tasks, things you will do that don’t need to happen at a specific time.
  • Create and refer to appointments, things you need to do at a specific time.
  • Visualize, strategize, reflect and evaluate.

This last function of a Personal Time Management System is one we may not think of often. However, it is what makes the other functions work effectively. It takes your System to a whole new level and connects it to your vision and what’s most important to you.

Follow the link below to download a worksheet to guide you on how to conduct your weekly, monthly and annual review

Review your progress


Why is it so important to focus our energies to develop a great time management system?

Time Management Skills

Stop focusing your efforts on performing minor tasks that keep your accumulative achievements minor and finally commit to invest your precious time into major projects that will contribute to your breakthrough achievements. When you remove the clutter from your life, you focus your energy on a few major priorities and you commit to consistently apply inspired energy to these priorities, anything is possible for you.

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