Become A Super Achiever

The majority of people would rather vegetate in front of the television, keep spending major time on minor tasks, spend their days lost in a cycle of “BUSYNESS” and never read another book once they leave school. This makes achieving success and standing out really easy for the select few that commit to daily discipline. Invest their free time into learning and growing, have a crystal clear plan and utilize their available time effectively.

Make a choice to become part of the small group of super achievers. Begin to give thoughtful contemplation to your life’s desires and begin to chart a course that will take you in the direction of long term sustainable success. This is a really easy choice to make, with discipline and commitment really easy to do. The majority of people accept mediocority and do not want to do what it takes to succeed. This makes it is really easy to step away from the herd and to step out in front of the most of the people out there.

It is a sad reality, but most people spend more time planning their grocery list or their annual vacation than they spend building a plan for the rest of their lives. As sad as this reality may be, it is actually a huge advantage for the select few that choose to do what it takes to get ahead in life. Pull yourself out of the herd, stay committed and always do your best. You can have, do or be anything you desire.

This is one of the simplest things you could ever do. The challenge though, is that although it is simple it is not easy. There are going to be uncomfortable times where you will kick and fight against the new routines that you will need to introduce into your life. This natural tendency to fight change and avoid discomfort is reinforced by our inner programming and desire for stability. We hate to be moved out of our comfort zones. In fact the greatest challenge that holds most people away from making the transition from mediocre to magnificent is their self imposed comfort zone.

Change the Trajectory of your Life

Commit to radically change the trajectory of your life and make the shift toward accessing your greatness. When you do this you are taking the first steps to set your dormant potential free.

  1. Challenge your old thought and negative behavior patterns
  2. Have the courage to declare new positive choices and establish new constructive behaviors
  3. Commit to ongoing learning
  4. Build and develop new skills
  5. begin taking bold new actions that will begin moving you along the path to long term sustainable success

When you choose to make this shift and you completely buy into this process of becoming a super achiever. You will have started a success avalanche that will build momentum and you will eventually become unstoppable. This commitment to living a life of excellence is the first step to becoming everything you have dreamed of your whole life. It is the path to finally discovering true fulfillment and happiness.

Now that you have taken the first and hardest step towards living your potential, understand that success is not an event, it is a process. There are many ways to achieve and sustain success. The simply process I offer below is one that I have tried and very successfully tested in my own life for many years. Commit to move out of your comfort zone and give this system a try. You have so little to loose and so much to gain.

Conduct a Self Audit

Invest some time to carry out a self audit. This process of self assessment will help you get a clear picture of where you are right now and serve as a really grounded and clear starting point. This self audit will highlight any areas in your life that may need improvement, new knowledge or skills you may require.


History serves one purpose and that is one of learning. Review your progress, errors and challenges from the past year and look for ways to avoid repeating them in the future. Take a really good look at things; examine all the things that worked and the things that didn’t. Explore all your behaviors, habits and disciplines, see which are working and which aren’t. Learn the lessons this information offers and schedule the necessary improvements so that you will triumph the next year.


Invest time to build a plan i.e. set realistic goals for the next year. This plan must include strategies to improve, grow and develop new skills and knowledge so that you never repeat the mistakes of the past. It must also include measurement criterion to regularly measure your progress.

Take Action

No plan is of any value unless you commit to take consistent daily action to realize your plan.

Constantly review how you do

Take a look every day and assess if the actions you are taking are delivering the desired results. Every week take a more detailed look at the actions you are taking and ensure that they are aligned with the outcomes you are trying to achieve.


When you review your actions and they are not delivering the desired results, improve and change them until they do.

This is a really simple process for long term sustainable success. Your biggest challenge is that as simple as it is to do, so easy is it not to do. Carry out the daily actions with conviction and stay disciplined, the rewards are worth the effort.


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