Time Management – Do You Know your Own Statistics, As Well as you know Your Local Sports Hero’s?

Time Management

Do You Know your Own Statistics, As Well as you know Your Local Sports Hero’s?

I have never been a great spectator of sporting events and have never been bitten by the sports spectator bug, where I have felt compelled to follow my local football, baseball or soccer teams. I have preferred to be a participant in any sport, which has interested me. There is no harm in following your local team and supporting them, even allowing yourself to escape into the powerful atmosphere of expectation before a game. Rest and ensuring that there is an opportunity to recharge your batteries is a crucial part of any success journey. If watching sport does that for you then, I can only highly recommend that you use watching sport to allow you to unwind and rejuvenate yourself.

The challenge that I have with watching sport and following sports teams, is the inordinate amount of time, which is invested into learning the statistics of each player, in each and every team, etc. Most people know more about the statistics of the players in their local sports team and their favourite team’s closest rivals, than they know about their own statistics. How well acquainted do you think the average person is with the state of their own wealth or even what their own bank balance is? Most people are clueless and don’t even know how much debt they have managed to accumulate over the past few years. If you don’t know these basic statistics about your own life, do you think it is wise to invest so much time learning and discussing other people’s statistics?

It is time to take charge of your life once again and to start finding out your own statistics. You cannot fix the debt trap you have created, due to poor spending patterns or create any sort of a long term financial freedom plan, unless you know and track your own basic statistics. You need to become a spectator in your own life, where you can get to know and understand all your own statistics, before you can ever expect to change things and bring the financial independence you want to create, into your life. If people invested at least the same amount of time getting to know their own statistics as they invest into following and tracking other people’s statistics, they would very quickly, wrestle back control of their lives and be equipped to create the financial wealth they desire. You can never create or manage wealth unless you review and track your progress weekly or even daily in the case of speculative investors.

Yes, you must be a spectator in your life and track your own statistics, but you must also be an active participant in your life. Unless you have a vision of exactly what you want to create in terms of wealth in the future, you track your progress in this regard regularly and most importantly you must take action every day, to keep you moving in the direction of the vision you have, you can never expect to create the financial buffer you want around you and  your family. Break free from the trap of being an overfed, undernourished couch potato, who knows more about the local sports teams statistics than your own and give yourself permission to travel the journey, towards creating sustainable wealth in your life. You and your statistics are more important than anyone else’s. Should you not be investing at least the same amount of time into tracking your own statistics, as you invest into knowing every little detail about your local sports hero or movie star?

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