Time Management – Who is Sabotaging your success?

Time Management

Who is Sabotaging your success?

This time management workshop will ask you to answer the question – Are you sabotaging your potential, because you are afraid of success or worse, you have never taken the time to find out what success really means to you? Search within yourself, explore and listen to your inner self and don’t be too hasty to answer this question with the first thing that comes to mind. I see people all around me all the time, who have incredible skill and ability, yet they remain trapped in unfulfilling lives with little or no meaning at all. If you feel like I am describing your life, it is time to allow yourself to open your mind once again. Dare to dream, allow yourself to see possibility and to have huge expectations. See all the possibilities, which is available to you. Believe it is possible for you and prepare your mind to accept success where you can begin living a life of influence, fulfilment and meaning.

Action Ideas:

  • Make time to sit back and decide what success really means to you. Until you know what success really means to you specifically, you will be chasing after something that you may not even want. Does “success” mean fame and fortune or is it simply the freedom to spend time with the people that matter most in your life? Once you get clarity around what really matters to you, the foundation is in place, for building the future you desire.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities. See your future from a position of what can be, rather than what currently is. You can acquire any skill or ability; you need to succeed, if you apply yourself.
  • See all the limitless possibilities, which abound and allow yourself to have huge expectations, about what is possible for you. When your expectations are aligned with your unique concept of what “success” means to you, everything will feel effortless and the daily actions you take will just feel right.
  • Keep investing in your on-going personal growth and keep preparing for the opportunities, which will inevitably cross your path. As Oprah once said, “Success is when opportunity meets preparation”. We all have many opportunities cross our paths, throughout our lives. Make sure that you are investing enough time and resources, into your personal growth, so that you are adequately prepared when the next one comes your way.
  • Stop pursuing success and shift your mind away from “how can I get it?” and start asking yourself the question “What do I have to become to attract or deserve the type of success I desire?” This shift sees you invest your resources into becoming more and thereby attracting everything you desire into your life. Become a great steward of your existing talents and skills and invest energy into growing these into the skill and knowledge base you need to achieve everything you desire.
  • Allow yourself to break free from your trained expectation that tells you that, all progress must be linear in nature. Stop thinking that you are only warming up for the success that it is coming, start living every moment as part of the journey and allow yourself to enjoy every step in the process. Everything that comes your way is on the way to the success you desire. Nothing you encounter is ever in your way.
  • Always give 100 %. If you are resting give yourself completely to rest. If you are working or learning new skills, then give 100 % to that. Giving 100 % commitment and effort, striving to be your best all the time is crucial when you want to succeed. Note I said give your best, not be the best.
  • Align you private and public personas, strive to always be authentic and show the world your true self at all times. Always strive to project your true values and show integrity in all dealings with others.

Andrew will guide you during this time management intervention. He will ask you to keep preparing and expect the universe to show up with new opportunities at any time. Opportunities, happy coincidences and connections with the right people, can happen in an instant, so invest time, energy and resources into preparing for the opportunities and success you deserve.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management




  • Great post Andrew! I encourage my clients to take these sorts of action steps all the time but reading this made me realize that I need to do so too! Especially -if you are resting to do it 100% because if I’m honest I know I don’t. Thanks for the timely reminders.
    Kind regards,

    • Thanks Cath. I am really glad that my posts are of service. May you have a wonderful and very successful week.

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