Is it Possible to Double your Daily Output and Your Time Off?

It astounds me how so many people know all the things I write about in my daily blog, yet although it is all common knowledge (Common Sense), it is very seldom common practice. I want to offer you a few tips today that will allow you to streamline your life, reduce your level of stress and make you far more productive.  Would something that could allow you to double your daily output and increase your time off each day, be of any value to you?

Are you ready for it, this is nothing earth shattering or something you will be hearing for the first time:

  • Stop trying to do everything yourself
  • Know what your strengths are and delegate everything that falls outside your strength zone to someone else.
  • Focus your energy on doing the things that inspire you, delegate as many of the tasks that do not inspire you, to people that play at the things that you find tedious and drain you.

One of the greatest skills you can add to your success toolkit is the ability to learn and apply the art of delegation. It is amazing how much more you can achieve each day, if you trust and empower others to help you to carry out the tasks, which are not the most effective use of your time. This all sounds really simple and obvious. The reason most people give for not bringing and using this simple tool for success in their lives,  is that they simply cannot afford to pay someone else to do things they can easily do themselves.

I say that if you take you blinkers off and you take a close look at your life, you will soon realise that you cannot afford not to invest a little money to save your most precious possession, namely your time. Examine your life and explore the best and productive use of your time. How much is your time really worth/ hour. Is optimising your website, data capturing, cleaning your house, mowing your lawn, doing your books or repairing your own plumbing really the most effective use of your time?

Make the choice today to discover what the most effective use of your time is and then go about building a plan to gradually eliminate all the low value activities from your life. Start to replace all the activities that are not the most effective use of your time, by delegating these to other people. As you focus your energy on only high value activities and you delegate all the energy and time sapping activities from your life, you will see remarkable results start to manifest in your life.

Stop looking at all the time sapping activities that you fill your day with, you know those activities that you feel only you can do, because no one can do them better than you and have the courage to begin trusting someone else to carry out those activities for you. Unless these activities are the best and most effective use of your time, you must begin to trust that other people can carry out these tasks. Until you do this you will just continue spinning your wheels, working yourself to death and achieving very little.

If you want to become a super achiever, you must learn to:

  • Identify your strengths
  • Discover what the most effective use of your time is each day
  • Delegate all tasks that are not aligned with your strengths or the most effective use of your time.

If you commit to introduce these three simple concepts in your life and you gradually delegate all the unnecessary time killing activities out of your daily routine, you will have discovered the key to becoming a super achiever.


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