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  Time Management Training

You can Never Fail unless you give up

Time Management Training

Is there such a thing as failure? You can only fail if you choose to give up and stop trying. As long as you are pressing on, taking action and trying to achieve anything, all you have encountered is an unresolved roadblock, challenge or difficulty. These unresolved challenges, roadblocks or difficulties, are only events that cross your path, to offer you an opportunity to gain a new perspective, to act as your tutor so that you can learn new lessons, which will help you expand and grow or to act as the catalyst that will unlock opportunities, that may have remained hidden had you not encountered any of them.

This time management training course will help you to accept that encountering challenge, roadblocks and difficulties is an integral part of the success journey. No worthwhile journey to bring success into your life can ever be undertaken without anticipating, accepting and planning for challenges. When you accept that your life is a harmonious balance of both positive and negative and that everyone encounters challenges and difficulties, they are not unique to you. You realise the futility of wallowing in self-pity and allowing any challenge to overwhelm you. Shift your mind-set today and begin to see challenges for what they really are, temporary inconveniences, which are part of the success process. Each one that you overcome, is just one step closer to the result or outcome, you are attempting to achieve.

Stop viewing challenges as a reason to give up or even worse, as a reason not to even start down the path to success. All super achievers, without exception, have encountered challenges in their lives. It is very often the very challenges and difficulties they have encountered, which unlocked their full potential or revealed hidden opportunities to them.

Time Management Training

If Winston Churchill had of died at the age of 63, no one would have even known who he was. He had spent a lifetime overcoming numerous challenges and difficulties. He never failed in his own mind, even though he had encountered many defeats throughout his life. All he ever saw in his mind were unresolved challenges and delayed outcomes. All the challenges and difficulties, which he overcame, throughout his life, were the very catalyst, which made him into the pillar of strength he most certainly was, during the Second World War.

Abraham Lincoln was beaten in eight elections, had a nervous breakdown at the age of 27 and failed in business twice. Yet at the age of 52 he became, arguably one of the best presidents, the United States of America has ever had. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper, because he lacked imagination and was not creative enough. Imagine if that had forced him to give up.  Whilst at school Thomas Edison was told by one of his teachers that he should find a career that required only a personality as he lacked any intelligence. Imagine what a loss; he would have been to the world, if he accepted that as his truth. Michael Jordan was told he should not play high school basketball as he lacked any natural talent and would be better suited to another sport. He cried in his bedroom for days, before deciding that other people’s opinions meant nothing, he went on to become one of the greats in basketball.

Time Management Training

After completing this time management training course, you will realise that success is not about getting the approval of others. It is about self-belief, self-confidence and self-worth. It is about accepting and overcoming challenge and becoming, “your best”. When I say your best, I am by no means saying that you must always be “the best”. You can achieve your full potential and become “your best”, by committing to wake up every day, just a little better than you were the day before.

This time management training course will guide you to commit to a lifetime of learning and growth, know and continually enhance your strengths and accept, overcome and plan for challenges. Stop looking for external reward, where you only allow yourself to feel worthy, if people acknowledge you and you are only entitled to feel good, if you performed well. You are worthy every day and everything that crosses your path is on your way to the life you have envisioned in your mind.

Your performance will always reflect your internal belief in your self-worth; it is never a reflection of your value or internal worth. Increase your own internal belief in yourself and allow yourself to see your true value and you can very quickly increase your level of performance.  You are magnificent and can achieve anything you want, if you will begin to believe it and stop allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed and beaten every time a challenge comes your way.

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