Time Management Training – Who Deserves the most effort and Attention in your Life?

 Time Management Training

Who Deserves the most effort and Attention in your Life?

Time Management Training

When you strive to give this person as much attention as possible, you dedicate a portion of your time every day, exclusively to them and you work harder on them than on anyone or anything else, everything in your life will improve. This person I am referring to is you. When you make the decision to make a lifetime investment into your own, on-going self-development, where you work harder on yourself than on anything else, you transform and become a better contributor in all areas of your life.

This time management training course will show you how to become a better employee, entrepreneur, spouse, friend, business partner, contributor to society, etc. The list just goes on and on. What are you waiting for; commit to give the gift of your self-development to the world and you will see everything in your world positively change. As you travel along the satisfying, fulfilling path of your on-going self-development, continual growth and never ending improvement, where you strive to wake up every day, just a little better than you were the day before, you are setting a foundation for unlocking unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

Repeat this behaviour for 365 days, can you imagine how you will improve over the next year, or better still, imagine if you stayed committed to this process for the rest of your life. What possibilities would open up to you, if you stayed committed to a lifetime of on-going and never ending improvement. The greatest benefit that would flow to you would not be in what you would get, but rather in what you will become. As you become more, you will inevitably attract more. Resources and people that were previously out of reach will actually begin to seek you out, opportunities that were either hidden from you or too massive to tackle before will become possible and within your reach.

Time Management Training

Everything you will get in the future or have got, up to now, is directly proportional to whom you are. Your level of self-development is the barometer that determines your homeostasis or maximum level of achievement. The reason most lottery winners, lose or squander their large windfalls within 18 months after winning huge sums of money, is simply because they are thrust out of harmony with their own level of self-development. They are thrust into a place where they have resources that exceed their ability to manage them and so within a very short space of time they bring themselves back in line with whom they are. It is very difficult to keep anything that is not obtained through personal development and growth.

After attending this time management training course you will understand why your income will very seldom, exceed your personal development. Even if your income increases beyond your level of personal development, due to a lucky break, it will very quickly return to a point of balance, unless you become the person that deserves that level of income. Everything in your life will always return to balance over time, if you want to keep growing any part of your life, you must continually ensure that your level of personal development is growing in equal proportion.

If you want to keep attracting more into your life, you must stay committed to becoming more. Ensure that you have a plan for your on-going personal development, include time in your schedule every day to devote to your personal development, measure you performance daily and over time develop a new success habit set that includes daily personal development. This commitment and devotion will see your life magically transform into one of meaning and satisfaction.

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  • Nice write up. You are right I have always had this inner notion that I must a scheduled time everyday devoted to self development and personal improvement. If I want more i must be ready to be more committed to personal development… Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much for the great feedback Ifeoluwa. You do indeed attract success by the person you become. As you invest into your personal growth, you will attract the success you desire and deserve.

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