Learn to Turn both Negative and Positive Events into Success

It is not possible or even desirable to live a one sided life, where everything just goes smoothly, without any challenge. The early Chinese cultures recognised that it was impossible to experience anything from only one perspective, many thousands of years ago and introduced the concept of Yin and Yang to help people understand and utilise this concept to their advantage. If we lived only one sided, positive lives as depicted in a popular movie a few years ago, there would be little incentive to expand and grow. It is very often the very challenges that cross our paths that highlight new possibility or force us to stretch ourselves onto new planes of development and growth.

After accepting this universal law and understanding that most of the stress we face in our lives, is a direct result of our unrealistic expectation that everything should just go smoothly and that nothing should cross our path to challenge or stretch us. We have discovered a tool that will allow us to live a life that is filled with far less stress and we are able to explore any challenges far sooner, discover the opportunity they hold or unlock the learning they bring. I have asked many people that have attended one of my presentations, whether they are better or worse off after facing any challenge. After sufficient time has passed and they have learnt all they can learn from the process of overcoming any challenge, they have become more and in every case they have attracted more into their lives. Everyone I have asked this question, has unanimously stated that challenges were always one of the best things that happened to them.

So what are you waiting for, expect challenges, plan for them and search and discover the opportunities that each challenge holds, as quickly as possible. You always get to choose how you respond to any challenge that crosses your path, so the sooner you choose to learn from any challenge and to discover how to turn them into an opportunity for you to become more, as a result of the challenge, the faster you will attract the success you desire and deserve.

After accepting this universal law and embracing all the benefits that this new understanding will bring, it is time to add one additional tool into the mix. Find a way to bring a little more Yin or a softer approach into your life. Stop expecting to be able to outsmart, outwit and outdo everyone around you. Accept that we are all part of the same whole and the more we learn to co-operate and work together the better the results we will enjoy.

Work to build great personal relationships, become an effective connector and build as many support structures around you as possible. This softer approach in which you are always looking for ways to help others get what they want, supporting as many people as possible, will see you have exactly the same reflected back to you. Take sincere interest in other people’s lives and strive to connect with people on a deep level, where there is always mutual benefit to be had by all parties.

It is time to get out of your head and to begin to trust your gut. As you learn to trust your intuition, you connect and support people the right people, who will support and assist you in return, you have discovered a pathway to master your life. It is time to accept that we cannot live a one-sided positive life only and that if we cultivate and demonstrate more yin energy, compassion, sensitivity, insight-fulness and connection, with everyone around us, we have created a solid foundation for building the future we desire.


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