Are you Short of Time to Bring your Dreams to life?

The most powerful man in the world has 86400 seconds in a day, to get all the mass of things he needs to get done in a day. The wealthiest man in the world has 3600 minutes in a day to earn all that money, he earns. The most educated person in the world has 24 hours in a day; to learn all there is to learn on their subject of choice. The best athlete in the world has only 7 days in a week to train and become world class. How much time do you have available, to create the masterpiece, which is your life?

There is never a Lack of Time

I assure you that it is not time, which is lacking, to allow you to invite meaning and fulfilment into your experience. It is a lack of commitment towards your dreams and your un-willingness, to take action daily, which is robbing you of the life you deserve.

On average people watch TV for about 3 hours a day. Can you imagine how many books you could read to improve your knowledge, phone calls you could make to prospects, to grow your business or how much exercise you could do in this time to improve your health, if you chose to use it more wisely?

How about the snooze button on your alarm clock, are you guilty of pressing it every morning, to get that extra ten minutes of sleep every day? If you woke up every day and just read an educational book for those ten minutes. You could read about five pages a day or 1825 pages a year, which would mean that you could read about eight additional educational books a year, by simply not pushing the snooze button.

The average person spends about five hundred hours a year commuting in their car. If you listen to educational, transformational or inspirational CD’s during this time, you would get the equivalent of two semesters at university, worth of education for the rest of your life, for free. Can you imagine how that level of personal growth would help you to improve your life experience?

Believing you have a shortage of time is a lie

Stop buying into the myth that you have a shortage of time and that is the reason why you never realise all your dreams. This lie is keeping you trapped in average. It is time to accept that you have the same amount of time available as everyone else around you. A shortage of time is not the problem; it is your inefficient use of your available time, which is stopping you from realising all your dreams.

Time is Money

I am sure that you will agree that time is indeed money. In fact I believe that it is far more valuable than money, as it is always possible to get more money, but impossible to get more time. Should you not be treating something as valuable as your time with more care, than you currently are? The only way to create the life of your dreams is to optimise the use of your available time. Your current use of time got you to where you are now, my question is, are you willing to improve the way you invest your time, so that you can begin to travel the journey to the next more fulfilling place?

Activity Log

Invest the next seven days to explore your current time habits. After each hour passes, record how you spent your time. At the end of the week, go back and examine your seven sheets, to see how well you did with your time? Each time you took coffee breaks, stood in a que, surfed the web, read junk mail, day dreamed, gossiped with people or avoided doing the things you knew you needed to do, mark that with a red asterix.

Now add up all the time you wasted each day. Most people who do this exercise astound themselves, with how much time they actually waste each day. In most cases it is in the region of 2 – 4 hours a day. Imagine how your life would change if you utilised that time more effectively?

Action Idea: Once you have completed this exercise. Start each hour going forward, with the new habit of asking yourself the question “Is the way I intend to invest the next hour, the best use of my available time”? “If not how can I better utilise my time”? If you are constantly looking for ways to improve how you use your time and you are committed to keep making these improvements, you will very quickly improve the use of your available time.

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Andrew Horton

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