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As one of the top time management training experts in South Africa. Andrew is available to offer you and your team a one hour motivational keynote address, half-day, full-day or two-day time management training workshop or a strategic intervention, to help you to optimise your team’s use of their available time and to guide them to maximise their performance and results. Click on the blocks below to learn more about the services and benefits we can offer you and your team.

How we help you and your team to optimise your time usage in order to maximise performance and results

To find out more about Andrew’s time management training courses, please review the key steps below:

  • 1. Your Pain
    You are not satisfied with your team’s time utilisation and feel that they could achieve far more than they are currently achieving within their available time. You want to give them a few time management tools and equip them with time management training skills to help them optimise their use of their available time. You want to bring their performance and activities in line with expectations.
  • 2. Activity Log – Where are you and what is wrong
    We explore your team’s current time management habits, to uncover their specific time usage challenges. This information is then utilised to tailor make a time management course, to help you and your team to develop the specific time utilisation success habits necessary to maximise their results and performance.
  • 3. Measurable Outcome – What outcome do you want to achieve
    We decide on a measurable outcome, which we want to achieve after the time management course. I want you to get a return on your investment and should your sales team apply all the tools and techniques I teach them during the workshop and their results do not improve, I will refund my entire fee. I am in the business of under promising and over delivering.
  • 4. Build a Practical Optimised Time Management Process, to help you and your team Achieve Desired Level of Productivity and improved performance
    We will design a practical optimised time management effectiveness, efficiency and activity management system, which we will train your team to seamlessly introduce into their daily routine.This will over time help them to optimise their use of their available time and help them to achieve the desired results. The activity management routine, we will introduce to your team, will guide them to make a few crucial, but necessary shifts to their daily behaviour and time management habits. This will allow them to develop a new daily activity and time management success habit set, which will maximise their effectiveness and allow them to get the most out of every day.
  • 5. Guide Team to Adopt new Activity and Time Management Routine
    The new Activity and Time Management success habit set is introduced to the team during our one or two day time management training workshops. This process is enhanced and supported by our daily Inspirational message, Time Management training manuals, audio CD time management training courses, DVD time management training videos and time management affirmation CD’s.
  • 6. Achieve Desired Sales Results
    Leadership team is guided to introduce measurement criterion to monitor improvements in activity and time management skills and the on-going introduction and development of the new activity and time management routines or activity and time management success habit set. The training is only effective if the new activity and time management routines are learned and applied consistently and daily, in the lives of all team members.

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