Time Management Training – Are You Satisfied With Who Is In Charge Of Your Future?

Time Management Training

Are You Satisfied With Who Is In Charge Of Your Future?

Can you imagine, if you boarded a commercial airline and the pilot came over the intercom sounding incoherent, having no idea what the flight number was, no idea where he was going or even if there was enough fuel on board the plane, would you stay on board? I know I wouldn’t, I would get off that plane as fast as possible. Doesn’t the same holds true for any journey you undertake in life. Should you continue to allow someone to pilot your life into the future, who is incoherent and has no clarity about where you are going?

Action Idea: Examine the person piloting your life right now, how coherent are they, does he/she have a plan and a vision about where you are going. Metaphorically speaking, should you even be on-board this flight, as you travel towards the success you desire?

Get Clarity of Vision

If you want to finally begin to manifest your true aspirations, you must clearly articulate these aims to both yourself and the universe. You can no longer afford to wander aimlessly through life, like a paper cup blowing in a car park, blowing from side to side, at the whim of the wind. You need to commit to clarify your vision, so that you have a crystal clear direction for the future.  When you clarify your aspirations, they take on a new substance and what was a mere wish, before becomes real and achievable for you.

Once you Have Clarity – Pull the Trigger and Take Action

Once you have clarity about exactly what you want to achieve, dare to finally pull the trigger on success and invite the future you want into your life. Do not spend too much time trying to build the perfect plan for success. Know where you are going, craft a workable plan, which will help you to do just that and then get off your butt and make it happen. I believe in the adage of READY, FIRE, AIM. READY Invest just enough time and effort into preparing to achieve your goals, FIRE, begin to take action, do not paralyze yourself with over preparing, AIM, assess your progress, regularly and take corrective action where necessary.

Make it Fun and Don’t Give Up until you Succeed

To successfully fulfil all your dreams, requires consistent and persistent effort. So if you want to make the journey more pleasant and sustainable, find ways to create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and real deep passion around this process. When you do this, it changes the concept of work, which is always and element of success, and you transform it into something enjoyable, fulfilling and something you will eagerly want to participate in daily.

Make Time Available

Be at the helm of your life and commit to implement your plan daily, by taking the inspired action, which will help you to achieve all your goals. To do this, you will need a system to make you both effective and efficient. This means you will need a system to manage your time, activities and energy productively.

Action Idea: Ensure that you introduce an effective system into your life, which firstly ensures that you are taking the right actions daily, necessary to achieve your goals. Once you are certain that you are taking the right actions, introduce a system which allows you to improve your efficiency, or in other words one that allows you to allocate how you utilise your available time far better. Your time management system must be suitable to your unique circumstances and allow you to allocate time to your top priorities, whilst ignoring time wasting things, which do not serve your purpose or fit in with your vision.

Whatever Gets Measured Gets Done

When on the path to achieving your goals, you will need to have consistent and regular checks, to ensure that you remain on track. Your commitment towards monitoring your progress on a regular and frequent basis, will allow you to constantly measure your daily actions, to see if they are delivering the desired results. Should they not be aligned with where you want to go, you can quickly change them to ensure that you achieve the desired results. This means that you will only need to make a few small corrections to keep you on your journey to super achievement.

Action Idea: During the planning process, ensure that your goals are time defined and your progress is easy to measure. You need to have a predetermined set of measurement criterion to help you regularly measure your progress.

Nothing is Cast in Stone

As your circumstances change and you travel the path towards achieving the goals you want, you must be flexible and adjust your plans accordingly. Focus on achieving the essence of each of your goals and be open to regularly change individual particulars if necessary. Letting go of or modifying plans, which are not working, is an integral part of the goal achievement process. Consistently check and revise your plans and have the courage to discard any actions or plans, which may be weighing you down.

Now is all you have

Learn to live in the moment, never allowing your dreams to run ahead of you, for the person that only looks outside of themselves is simply a dreamer, those that learn to look into their heart, create a vision and plan for success, awaken their belief in their ability and commit to take action daily, unleash their unlimited potential and achieve greatness. Recording and time defining your dream is simply the start, consistently taking daily inspired action, to ensure that you realise them, is the art.

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