Procrastination is the Thief of Dreams

I was so good at procrastinating at one point in my life that I managed to fool even myself into believing that I was productive. I was a champion at avoiding the difficult and challenging tasks that I knew were crucial to my success. Are you in a similar place where you seem to spin your wheels, doing bucket loads of work every day, but yet you just seem to remain trapped in a perpetual place of zero productivity.

I want to share some insights with you to help you to eliminate procrastination and perform at levels that will astound you. After attending this presentation by one of the best inspirational speakers in the filed of time management training you will understand this is a very simple, yet incredibly powerful idea for dramatically improving your productivity and stripping away all the distractions that are keeping you trapped in a world of inefficiency and poor performance. Introducing and applying this technique into your life will help you to really get plenty of great work done every day.

Procrastination is the thief of our dreams and destroys our productivity every day. The reason we consistently allow ourselves to remain trapped in this never ending cycle of low performance is that deep down in our subconscious mind we sabotage ourselves, because we are filled with fear and doubt about ourselves. We are not afraid of failure as most people would believe; we are in fact afraid of success.

Society has programmed us to not stand out from the crowd, so our need to fit in and be accepted, forces us to subconsciously dress, think, talk and act like everyone else around us.  Andrew is an expert on time management training , he will show you that this behaviour was important when we lived in groups as hunter, gatherers. Anyone that stood out from the group was in danger of being attacked and eaten by predators. We no longer face the same dangers, but we still operate and subconsciously want to fit in and thereby protect ourselves.

This inherent, subconscious fear of success, being laughed at or ridiculed or our fear of standing out and being different, forces us to subconsciously sabotage our efforts every day. This presentation by one of the best inspirational speakers in the field of time management training will show you that as we start to see progress and we start to move toward achieving our goals or achieving something big, we subconsciously feel like we are starting to stand out from the crowd and we then begin to behave in a ways that limit our performance. We have time available, we know what needs to be done, but instead of doing what we know we must do; we pick up our smartphone and begin scanning our emails or engage in some other distracting type of behaviour.

We know that we must invest long uninterrupted time frames +/- 90 minutes at a time, into working on our goals and dreams, but we constantly allow ourselves to be distracted by unnecessary things, like emails, phone calls or we walk away from our desk pretending we are hungry etc. All these unnecessary distractions like twitter, Facebook, emails are nothing more than self-sabotage. You must set time aside every day, specifically for handling emails, developing your social media strategy. Stop indulging in these time wasting and dream destroying activities during your most productive time each day.

It is a natural subconscious belief that we do not want to stand out from the crowd and be more effective and productive and so as we get closer to the success we desire, we engage in self-sabotaging behaviours that restrict and limit our performance. We consistently engage in unproductive days where we shuffle papers, answer emails, chat on Facebook, twitter and text messages so that we can distract ourselves, so that we do not have to face the prospect of standing out and being different.

Stop limiting yourself and sabotaging your success and take back your power. This awareness of what is hampering your progress and productivity is really only a result of your subconscious fear of success. Is a liberating moment and one that you can quickly convert in super achievement, if you are willing to consciously control your tendency to procrastinate, because of this fear.

Learn the art of running toward the things you are resisting most and confront your fears. Feel the fear of tackling a new life changing project and do the difficult tasks you know are necessary. Utilise your new awareness of the reasons why you constantly avoid doing the things you know are necessary and just get on with doing what needs to be done. Making time to work on your life every day and effectively utilising this time as productively as possible, is the best investment you can make in your future.

Author: Andrew Horton Time Management Training


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  • Azola Mabinza /

    “The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close. In its place, we are entering a period of consequences.” This powerful quote from Winston Churchill

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