Time Management – Ask more Positive Questions and you will Transform your Life

Time Management

Ask more Positive Questions and you will Transform your Life

How you show up every day, does most certainly set the tone for how your day will unfold. Do you wake up every morning spring out of bed, energised and fired up by the prospect of tackling your day? I refer to this as my daily activation energy. When you wake up and consciously force yourself to get out of bed, energised and ready to tackle whatever comes your way that day, you are effectively setting the tone for an energised and productive day. On the other hand when you wake up, you barely open one eye as you reach over and press the snooze button, you are programing your brain to be lethargic and un-energised for the day. You are setting a tone for a lacklustre performance and that is exactly what you will get.

When you practice this daily energising routine, where you get your day going in a highly energised and inspired way, this energised feeling lasts throughout your day. This allows you to be incredibly productive, effective and efficient, leaving you feeling satisfied by what you are able to accomplish and the contribution you are able to make each day. The art of waking up energised and inspired every day, where you project a great attitude to the world, is a conscious choice. You can either choose to be disgruntled and overwhelmed by everything in your world or you can shift the way you see those things. Change the way you see the things, which are causing you discomfort and those things will immediately change.

We cannot easily change the state of the economy, the constant changes we face in our lives and businesses each day, interest rates or the availability of capital. But we can immediately change one thing and that is how we see these things and how we allow them to affect our lives. If we wake up in the morning and we are faced with challenges, which seem overwhelming and insurmountable, we can either allow ourselves to feel beaten or we can learn to ask a better more positive question. The overwhelm is most likely caused because we are asking negative questions like “why me and what have I done to deserve this” instead of asking more positive questions like  “how can I use this challenge to my advantage or how can this challenge help me to prosper” These better questions will allow you to immediately shift your state and will move you into a far more creative place.

I have seen how quickly people can change their state, from a negative, place of overwhelm to a place of creative positive energy. When consulting with clients who are engaging in negative self-talk and bombarding themselves with a series negative questions, because they are facing a few difficulties or challenges. As they consciously start to ask a better series of positive questions, as they make the shift, to a more positive state, I can actually see their body language change. Their shoulders lift, they stop looking down and they start to raise their eyes, looking into the distance. They immediately start to feel more creative and innovative, as they begin to contemplate and allow their creative juices to flow. The change can be almost instant. As soon as you make the conscious decision to improve the type of question you are asking, you empower yourself to raise your state and you become far more creative and innovative.

It is a well-known fact that the quality of your life or business is directly proportional to the quality of your questions. Instead of allowing your mind to travel down the slippery slope of negative self-talk, as you engage in asking yourself a series of negative questions, every time you face a challenge. Learn the art of asking positive questions, questions which allow you to explore the situation and discover solutions. Negative questions can never serve you and rob you of your creativity and ability to innovate. The time you will invest into developing this skill, will stand you in good stead going forward. Next time you find yourself engaging in a downward cycle of negative questioning, take charge and consciously force yourself to ask a better more positive series of questions. You will immediately feel your mood lift and your creative juices will start flowing.

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