Time Management – Share in the Abundance, Which Ebbs and Flows all Around Us

Time Management

Share in the Abundance, Which Ebbs and Flows all Around Us

I very often get asked by people, why I write an article every day, in which I aspire to add inspiration to as many people’s lives as possible and freely share my take on personal development. They cannot understand how I can give so freely to others and ask nothing in return. My answer is always very simple, we live in an abundant universe and the more we are willing to share and give to others. The more open we are to receive ourselves.

Imagine standing with your hands clasped tightly against your chest, where you are attempting to cling onto everything you know and possess, so that no one can get any of it. Those clasped or closed hands can only hang on to what you have; it is very difficult for them to open so they can gather anything more. Contrast that picture with someone, who stands with open hands, freely sharing everything they know and possess, with others. Yes those open hands do give away plenty. But they are open and welcoming, inviting so much more into their experience.

I believe that the secret to creating a life of meaning and living a fulfilling experience, where you constantly grow, expand and share your abundance with others, is to strive to be a person of value, rather than a person, who possesses trinkets and a vast fortune. There is an incredible quote written by Albert Einstein, which epitomises this concept. “Try not to become a man of success but rather become a man of value” The more value I am able to add to the lives of others, the more value, love and grace flows into my life. Every act of kindness you are able to bestow on people around you, will not only fill the receiver with joy and happiness, but will allow you to feel good too.

When you are no longer self-focused and you consistently think abundant thoughts, in which you are outward looking and you actively look for ways to help and grow the people around you. It is almost magical, how many people around you do exactly the same for you. What you think about, you bring about. When you are thinking positive, good, sharing thoughts and you are in a modality of always looking to improve the lives of the people around you, exactly that will be reflected back at you. I am most certainly not suggesting that you give to others, with a deep rooted expectation that you will get something in return. The very thinking, which goes with that selfish motivation, will have you thinking thoughts and acting in ways, which will interrupt the flow of abundance into your experience.

Imagine what a wonderful, abundant world we would inhabit, if everyone gave freely of themselves and only wanted the best for everyone around them. Imagine if we all wanted to be people of value, or rather people, who add real value to our world. This planet would be incredible. Start to play you role today, no matter how small and strive to add some value to someone in your environment. As you strive to be a person of value, in every facet of your life, career, financial, spiritual, family, social, etc, you may give away more than you are accustomed to at first. However it is my deep rooted belief that if you have an abundant mind-set and you give freely without the expectation of ever receiving anything in return, where you strive to give as much value to those around you as possible, you will see buckets of success flow into your life.

Accepting that there is abundance all around you and becoming a value adder, is not a part time shift, which you need to make. It must become your new way of thinking and acting from this moment on. When all of us become value adders and we have open hearts, hands and heads, where we share freely, we invite happiness and abundance into our lives too.

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