Time Management Training Workshops

Time Management Training Workshops

This Activity and Time Management Training Workshop is for:

  • Teams who are frustrated with the quality and quantity of work that they manage to get done every day.
  • Teams who want to become more effective, and maximize the quality and quantity of work they get done in a day.
  • Teams who want to free up time to invest into creating a better balance between family, work and own interests.
  • Teams who want an inspirational Activity and time management message to help inspire them to raise their game, so that they can maximise their performance and productivity.
  • Teams who need a few practical activity and time management tools to help them improve their productivity and results.
  • Teams who want to learn a few practical tips to help them maximise the use of their available time.
  • Teams who want to become more effective and productive.

This inspirational and energising Activity and Time management Training workshop is delivered by one of the top experts on activity and time management training in the South Africa. Andrew has over twenty five years of practical business experience. He has honed the very effective activity and time management training tools and techniques, which he will share with you during the time management training workshop, in the laboratory of his numerous very successful businesses and by studying over 700 books on activity and time management over the past 25 years. This workshop has been carefully designed to teach you and your team a number of practical activity and time management tools and techniques, which you can immediately apply in your life or business, to dramatically increase your productivity and performance.

We explore the following:

  1. Effectiveness – You will be guided to identify, prioritize and carry out the right activities each day.
  2. Efficiency – You will be taught a system to leverage the maximum from your time, so that you can efficiently perform all the right activities each day.
  3. Activity Management– We will guide you to manage your activities and leverage the maximum from you unique circumstances.
  4. Energy Management– We will help you to maximize your energy and get the most from your day.
  5. Self-Management– Learn to create new routines and then convert these into a success habit set.
  6. Effective Planning– We will guide you to stimulate effective work habits, through focus and planning.

Content of the Activity and Time Management Training Workshop:

  • Understanding the concept of activity and time management and how to optimise your performance every day, within your available time.
  • Exploring my available time – How much time do I really have?
  • Understand how we function best – How can I use my body and mind best.
  • Building an activity and time management success habit set.
  • Building and effective self-management system for productivity and success
  • Creating my unique activity management system to maximise my effectiveness and ensure that I am taking the right actions every day.
  • Understanding vision and creating a crystal clear strategic plan for the future.
  • Identifying the right activities needed to succeed and then creating an action plan to drive productivity and results.
  • Turning goal setting into goal achieving.
  • Turning your personal and organizational purpose and vision into value.
  • Leading a fulfilling and effective life Right now.
  • Accumulate real value and discover long term sustainable success

This Time Management Training Workshop will guide you to gradually introduce new skills to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in your life and business

This time management training workshop will teach you a number of tools and techniques that will allow you to see that time management is really about self-management. You will be taught a simple, yet very effective time management system, where you will be guided to firstly identify the right activities and then shown an effective system to prioritize and manage these activities within your unique circumstances.  We specialize in teaching individuals and business professionals, how to leverage the maximum amount of effective activity, from their available time. All our tools and techniques will allow you to bring increased personal and organizational productivity into your life.

This time management training workshop is designed to teach people how to develop a new success habit set, which makes using their available time as efficiently and effectively as possible, just part of their normal daily routine. They are guided to create new activity and time management routines, which over time will become an integral part of who they are and just be the way they do things every day. Ensuring that they utilise their time as efficiently and effectively every day will feel effortless.

This time management training workshop is suitable for all team members in your organization and can be tailored to suite the unique needs of your team or organization.

Time Management Training Program Structure

  • There is a brief introduction to assist you get an understanding of your current habits and how they can either serve you or hamstring your daily efforts. You are then guided to understand how to start the process of developing a Time, Energy and Activity Management, Habit Set that will equip you to leverage the maximum value out of the available time.
  • We then take introduce you to a number of processes to help you to uncover and describe your True life purpose or Vision for the future.
  • We follow a carefully designed process that will help you to get a clear understanding of what the right activities are for you to create the future that you desire.
  • We introduce you to the Goal Achievement Process and highlight a number tools and techniques that will help you to efficiently utilize your available time as effectively as possible to carry out the right activities every day.
  • We then begin the process of putting everything together and begin guiding you to develop and apply a Time, Energy and Activity Management System, which will allow you to get the most value from your available time.

This time management training workshop will give you all information and techniques you need to develop your own Time, Energy and Activity Management habit set to replace your current unproductive dream killing habits that are limiting you and holding you away from your dreams.

How will the process and Time Management Training Workshop work and what formats will the program follow?

This activity and time management training workshop is designed to be learned during either:

Our full day Time Management Training Workshop

Participants attend a full day time management training workshop where they are taught how to use and apply all the tools and techniques necessary to create an effective time, energy and activity management system, to become masters of their available time.

Two Day Time Management Training Workshop

This two day practical hands on time management training workshop is designed to teach all participants everything they would learn at the full day workshop, with the addition of a full day of practical application, which leaves everyone with a practical energy, activity and time management system to suit their unique circumstances.

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, it is a habit

Additional Time Management Training Resources: 

  1. A daily sales inspirational message is sent to each person that attends this workshop. This is an opt-in system that delivers an inspirational message right into the email of everyone that signs up on Andrews’s website. The inspiration or motivation may fade after attending my sales and relationship building workshop. This daily inspirational message is designed to help maintain the momentum created by the workshop.
  2. A Positive Affirmation CD. This CD is an audio recording containing positive affirmations. This resource is used daily to create a positive start to every day and helps to remove those nagging negative thoughts that flow so freely through our minds every day. When used consistently this CD will give you a positive start to every day and set the tone for an amazing day.
  3. An audio recording detailing the concepts that are highlighted during the workshop. This CD serves as a reminder after the event, to help the sales professionals stay on track and serves as another source of positive information to keep people on track.
  4. A CD recording, containing positive statements and affirmations. This resource is designed to serve as a reminder to stay on track. This CD is a powerful motivator and will empower you on those days when you feel uninspired or down.

My no. 1 goal during this time management Training Workshop is: 

  1. To ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that I can help them to renew their vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2. To create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or to inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

My relaxed and humorous style ensures that my message is remembered long after the workshop is over

  • 1. Your Pain
    You are not satisfied with your team’s time utilisation and feel that they could achieve far more than they are currently achieving within their available time. You want to give them a few tools and equip them with skills to help them maximise their use of their available time. You want to bring their performance and activities in line with expectations.
  • 2. Activity Log – Where are you and what is wrong
    We explore your team’s current time habits to uncover their specific time usage challenges. This information is then utilised to tailor make a time management intervention to help you and your team to develop the specific time utilisation habits necessary to maximise your team’s results and performance.
  • 3. Measurable Outcome – What outcome do you want to achieve
    We decide on a measurable outcome, which we want to achieve after the time management intervention. I want you to get a return on your investment and should your sales team apply all the tools and techniques I teach them during the workshop and their results do not improve, I will refund my entire fee. I am in the business of under promising and over delivering.
  • 4. Build a Practical Optimised Time Management Process to help you and your team Achieve Desired Level of Productivity and improved performance
    We will design a practical optimised time effectiveness, efficiency and activity management system, which we will train your team to seamlessly introduce into their daily routine.This will over time help them to maximise their use of their available time and help them to achieve the desired results. The activity management routine, we will introduce to your team, will guide them to make a few crucial, but necessary shifts to their daily behaviour and time habits. This will allow them to develop a new daily activity and time management success habit set, which will maximise their effectiveness and allow them to get the most out of every day.
  • 5. Guide Team to Adopt new Activity and Time Management Routine
    The new Activity and time management success habit set is introduced to the team during our one or two day sales training workshops. This process is enhanced and supported by our daily Inspirational message, Time Management training manuals, audio cd time management training programmes, DVD time management training videos and time management affirmation CD’s.
  • 6. Achieve Desired Sales Results
    Leadership team is guided to introduce measurement criterion to monitor improvements in activity and time management skills and the on-going introduction and development of the new activity and time management routines or activity and time management success habit set. The training is only effective if the new activity and time management routines are learned and applied consistently and daily, in the lives of all team members.

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