Time Management – Are the People Around you Supporting you?

Time Management

Are the People Around you Supporting you?

Have you ever taken the time to look around your world and explored how much influence the people around you exert on you and the business decisions you make? Are you even remotely aware of the power the people around you exert on how your life and business unfolds? If you want to wrestle back control over how your life and business is shaped, then it is time that you understand how much influence and sway the people you invite to spend time around you each day, have over you.

Each one of them plays a major role in shaping and influencing your life and business. It is for this reason that every super achiever should very carefully select the people they allow into their space. As the influence these people exert over the results they will be able to enjoy in both their life and business is huge. Too many people underestimate the amount of power the people they surround themselves with actually exert on them. This is because the influences develop slowly over an extended period of time and don’t seem to really matter in the moment.

This Force is Subtle and Insidious

Any super achiever will ignore the power of influence exerted by their peers at their own peril. It is not easy to see the influence those closest to you have on your life, as their influence is an insidious, subtle force, which creeps in and gradually robs you of your potential. If you spend time around people, who are more interested in entertaining themselves than they are educating themselves, then that is exactly the same behavior patterns you will eventually follow too. This process is very subtle and these negative influences nudge you just a little off course each day, until you wake up one day asking “How did I get here”? When you eliminate all the negative influences from your life, you are creating a solid foundation for success and building the future that you desire.

How are you Investing your Most Valuable Possession?

If on the other hand you invest your most valuable possession, namely your time, around people, who engage in positive behaviors, which enhance your potential and who influence you to gradually improve your behavior, then you will be influenced to gradually follow their good example and you will just keep improving every day. Is it one of the best decisions any super achiever can make, when they consciously encourage the right people to join their inner circle. Choose these people very carefully, people who will guide you to engage in positive activities and behaviors, which will enhance your future and the results you will get to enjoy?

Action Idea: Explore at all your current associations, especially those people closest to you. Examine them and try to assess what affect they are having on your activities, work ethic, discipline, attitude, commitment and most importantly, what have they got you doing and thinking. Identify both the positive and negative influencers in your life.

If you want to break free from the rut of average, it is crucial that you ruthlessly eliminate the negative influencers from your life immediately and search out and spend as much time as possible around the people who exert positive influence on you. This small shift is possibly the most important change you will make on your path to success.

What Direction are you Traveling?

The people that you are spending the most time around are taking you in a certain direction. Are you satisfied that the direction they are taking you is the direction you want your life or business to go? Striving to only surround yourself with the right positive people, who influence you to do what it takes to succeed, will completely transform your life and the floodgates will open as the success you desire will start to flow into your experience.

This feels like a no-brainer to me. By spending time with the right people, the scales tip you toward a life of contentment and fulfilment, whilst spending time around negative influencers will rob you of your success and happiness. What are you waiting for before you make the right choice and begin to move your life towards the meaning you crave. Get rid of the success vampires and invite the right supportive positive influencers into your life.

You now the advantage of awareness, what are you waiting for, get on with the job of dissociating yourself from the people, who are keeping you trapped in mediocrity. Influence most certainly shapes our lives, our associations determine the direction our lives go and the pressures of those we associate with can overwhelm our good intentions. Choose the right people to surround yourself with and you are inviting long term sustainable success into your life.

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