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What is “TIME”? Time is only a concept that allows us to rationalize linear changes in our lives. It is a means for us to measure and co-ordinate our lives in a linear and sequential fashion. Do you believe that our concept of time and our usage thereof can change? Can we change our perception and thereby our belief about the amount of time we have available each day?

Have you ever noticed massive changes in your own concept of “TIME”, where time has raced past, dragged or even stood still?

  1. We were so engaged in deep conversation that “TIME” flew.
  2. The speaker we were listening to was so boring, that the whole evening dragged by.
  3. The view was so breath taking, “TIME” stood still.

Are these real changes in linear time or are they just perceptual changes that completely alter our personal concept of the passing of time? We can rationalize an answer for this really profound question and assume that our perception of the passing of time can never have a real effect on the passing of linear time. Time just keeps on tracking in a linear fashion, irrespective of our perception that time has sped up, slowed down or even stopped.

Although I believe this to be a simplistic and incomplete answer to the above question, it is the concept that our perception of, or our belief about the passing of time that I wish to explore. Can the activities we are carrying out or rather our thoughts and emotions when we are carrying out certain activities change our perception about the amount of time we have available to carry out important tasks each day?

That is indeed the case as we have observed in the three explanations above. Time can stand still, drag or even fly past, depending on our perception, belief or emotions around what is actually happening. Can we change the amount of time we have available each day by merely changing our thoughts and beliefs about the passing of time. How is it possible that super achievers are able to pack so much into every day and get so much out of every day? Does Richard Branson, Donald Trump or Nelson Mandela have more time available each day that has allowed them to super achieve or have they merely shifted their concept, beliefs and emotions about the passing of linear time and thereby managed to pack so much more value into their available time?

Time Management Systems

Does it not make sense for you to develop a new system or concept around time that will allow you to change your current feeling or emotion around time? Currently most people feel overwhelmed; they feel like they do not have enough time and that merely surviving is taking all of their time. Make that small shift today and start to think like a super achiever and control your perception of the passing of time and your use of your available time.

Time, energy and health are the fundamental raw materials of life, which you can choose to use wisely, waste or even kill. Treat your time, energy and health as your most precious possessions and invest them wisely.

Learn to leverage time to your advantage and commit to carry out small focused meaningful tasks at predetermined times every day. This will allow you to create an environment of success, in which you can succeed at anything you desire. Schedule these daily actions in time slots that I call “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” and you get to position time as your ally, where it will support your efforts and unlock your hidden potential.

Stop focusing your efforts on performing minor tasks that keep your accumulative achievements minor and finally commit to invest your precious time into major projects that will contribute to your breakthrough achievements. When you remove the clutter from your life, you focus your energy on a few major priorities and you commit to consistently apply inspired energy to these priorities, anything is possible for you.

All time management systems improve your effectiveness, this time management system also shows you how to Focus on prime projects during the prime time of your day and devote uninterrupted time slots to this endeavor. To achieve real and lasting success, you must create a schedule that includes large uninterrupted periods, for working on your most important projects. Your best work is done and your full potential achieved, when you perform during uninterrupted time frames.

Review all your important thoughts, goals, projects and To-Do’s and record them into a highly organised and efficient system that will allow you to detach from issues that you are unable to handle right now, yet allow you to have laser focus on tasks, commitments and projects that need to be completed right now. The highest levels of productivity and decision making ability occurs when we have a completely focused mind.

Make a determined decision today to stop dawdling, avoiding taking the actions you know are necessary to succeed and accept responsibility for success in your life. Make a start right NOW and begin taking consistent small steps every day that will deliver your bliss. As you begin to see results, you will begin to absorb confidence and the positive feelings about your potential will grow, which will encourage you to take even more baby steps. This may feel uncomfortable, but this is one of those RISKS in life you cannot afford not to take.

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