Create Meaningful Connections with People that Really Matter

Meaningful and sustainable success is ensured when you commit to not only be a great communicator, but a extraordinary connector. We are all furiously communicating with everyone around us via, twitter, facebook, blogs, YouTube and the mass of emails we send and receive every day. This strategy of spraying and praying that people will connect with us is great for creating awareness about who you are and what you do. But it does little to help you to create meaningful relationships with people.

Meaningful, sustainable, super achievement is built on fostering great relationships. Stop trying to build a wide communication corridor that merely creates awareness and rather focus your energies on building meaningful mutually beneficial relationships with a smaller group of people that matter. Stop falling prey to the mistaken belief that communication with large numbers of people is a way of connecting with them.

Social media has opened all sorts of new opportunities and ways of communicating that were not available before. Becoming part of this growing trend is important, but I want you to understand that wasting hour’s everyday merely communicating information of little or no value is pointless. Be aware that it is really easy to get wrapped up in this new trend as merely a passive communicator. This is of little value to you or anyone else. Both communication and connection are crucial today, but be aware that one can never equate to the other.

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The fast pace of business and the increasing pace of change in the world around us seems to support the notion that we must communicate with as many people as possible as fast as possible. Do not allow technology to remove the really important face to face communication that is necessary to develop real, lasting and meaningful relationships with people that matter and can make a real difference in your life. There is no substitute for face to face, heart to heart and live in person communication.

Remember that your success ultimately depends on the forming of real meaningful relationships with a small handful of people. These relationships will help propel you to any levels of success that you desire. As challenging as this shift may seem, focus your energy on creating a few meaningful relationships with people that you can create mutually beneficial relationships with. Invest time around people that can and will support you and your efforts to become a super achiever.

I have read a number of biographies and in every case the super achievers such as Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, owe their extraordinary achievement to no more than two dozen mutually beneficial relationships that they nurtured over time. The way they created these relationships was most certainly not via social media or email. These life changing relationships, were created, developed and nurtured because they worked very closely with these people and really connected with them.

Identify your small group of meaningful relationships and begin the process of communicating and most importantly really connecting with these people. These are the people you should be investing a substantial amount of time in. These are the people that deserve a lot of the time. Stop wasting your most valuable position on pointless mass communication to people that can and will make very little difference to your life.

Take a tough look at your current information strategy. Are all the communications necessary? Are they contributing to your long term success? Is the information you receive and transmit every day serving you or anyone else? Are you merely communicating or are you really connecting with people?


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