You Will Get Knocked Down – Are you going to Stay Down?

Facing challenges on the path to super achievement is not only likely, it is inevitable. As you traverse the path of success you are going to be knocked down a number of times. This is a natural progression and something that must be expected on every worthwhile journey of excellence and growth.

When the inevitable challenges do cross your path simply accept them and realize that they are integral part of the learning process. They are the very catalysts that are going to reveal all the possibilities to you and guide you to discover your hidden and unlimited potential. You can overcome any obstacle that will cross your path and turn them into a triumph,. If you apply these few simple principles in your life.

Expect Challenges.

As you embark on the journey to uncover and live your dreams and fantasies, accept that the journey will not be smooth sailing all the way. Anticipate challenges; plan to encounter challenges and when they do come your way, look for ways to overcome them as quickly as possible. Always search within each challenge and you will discover a great lesson that will serve you in the future.

Keep Each Challenge in Perspective.

Never allow any challenge to overwhelm you. Try to keep a clear perspective and see each challenge for what it really is. Never allow yourself to feel like a victim. Challenges happen to everyone, not only to you. Keep each challenge in perspective and know that you have what is required to overcome any challenge that may come your way.

The measure of a person is never that they face challenges, we all face challenges. The measure of a person is in how they deal with the inevitable challenges that will cross their paths. The way you train yourself to manage and overcome each new challenge you face will determine how your life will ultimately turn out.

Focus Your Energy on the Positive and What is Possible.

When faced with any obstacle, challenge or roadblock. Examine them just long enough to uncover the difficulty they present and immediately change your focus to look for what you can do to overcome, prevail and turn them into opportunities.

All challenges you encounter are possibilities and when managed properly, they eventually become opportunities. Always look for what you can do and focus your energies on the positive. This will allow you to very quickly discover the depths of your resolve and ability. You have unlimited potential and ability, believe it and you will most certainly begin to see it.

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Whatever you think about and talk about you bring about. Make sure that allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by challenges is not serving you. Are you getting utility from people feeling sorry for you? Are you just using any obstacle that you have encountered as a convenient excuse for not doing better or trying harder?

Look at your words you are using when describing any challenges or obstacles. Are they focused on the positive progress you are making or are you harping on describing the gory details of how difficult things are? Until you change your focus away from the negative, constantly telling everyone how difficult things are and focus on describing your amazing comeback. You will remain trapped in a spiral of tragedy and challenge.

Break your addiction to tragedy and turmoil. We seem to get so much attention when we are describing our challenges and difficulties. People line up to hear about hurts and failures and to stroke our hair and wipe our cheeks. They most certainly do not act the same way when you talk about your successes and victories.

Challenges Are a Positive Experience

Accept that all obstacles, challenges and roadblocks are indeed positive experiences and that they are absolutely necessary for learning and growth. It is completely normal to encounter challenges. The harder you try and the more effort you exert the more likely you are to encounter challenges.

As you push yourself beyond the limits of your comfort zone, you will encounter more challenges and as you extend yourself and you strive to become more, you will encounter setbacks and challenges. These are in fact the very proof you need to realize that you are in fact improving and growing.

See obstacles and setbacks as improvement markers on your journey toward super achievement. Learn to appreciate and even celebrate each challenge or setback. They are making you better and molding you into the type of person you need to be to attract the success you deserve.


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