“TRUST” is your Trump Card

sales Training TrustI get asked almost daily by people all over the world, who are looking for that quick fix, solution to selling, what the latest technique, for easily closing sales is. The simple answer to this is that there just isn’t one. The best way to close any sale is never achieved by using clever or manipulative closing techniques. It is achieved by approaching every sale, looking to be of service, always ensuring that all interactions are conducted in a modality of fair exchange, 100 % aware of the value both you and your product or service offer and then communicating this to your prospect or customer as clearly as possible, so that they get to know, like and trust you.

Lose the elevator and sales pitch

Trite things like an elevator or sales pitch or any other manipulative old school sales tool, which misinformed sales people employ, to get someone to close a single transaction with them, simply does not work. The secret to successful long term selling is found in one word “TRUST” Any sales professional, who focuses all their energy on doing everything they can, to develop trust with their prospects and clients, will over time build long term very successful relationships with people, who will support them and their sales success.

Building “TRUST”

As you know “TRUST” is earned over time. So it is crucial that you take a longer term view with every customer or prospect. Closing single transactions with any customer, where they do not experience fair exchange, can never result in “TRUST” Forget about single transaction selling and instead focus on building and sustaining long term sales relationships with every customer.


Customers and prospects can never “TRUST” a sales professional, who is not 100 % clear about, what they offer and how they will benefit from the transaction. This clarity can only come from a sales professional, who completely understands the value, they and their product and or service bring.

Action Idea: Do you know what you really sell? This is not as obvious as it at first appears. What is it that your product or service really does for your customer?

Example: Looking at it from the customer’s perspective. If someone is looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, are they actually looking for a vacuum cleaner or do they just want clean floors. Maybe they could solve their need for having clean floors, by purchasing a system to seal their windows a little better, so the dust doesn’t get in. They could remove the carpets altogether and put wooden or tiled floors in their home or they could even form a collective in the neighbourhood and share a vacuum cleaner.

As you can see, people’s needs and how you can best satisfy them, are not always as obvious as they may appear at first glance. Real sales professionals thrive, not because they sell the same thing in the same way other people do. They thrive because they understand what their product or service really does for their customer and then they clearly articulate and communicate this to their prospects and customers.


Your customers and prospects will never “TRUST” you, unless you are competent. Who would you rather have do your root canal treatment? The best or worst dentist around. Your confidence, which you are able to project, when meeting with any prospect or client, can only come from someone, who is competent. How well do you know your product or service? Do you trust it enough to have bought one yourself? Is it the best of its kind available on the market?

No-one will ever “TRUST” you, if they cannot feel your compete understanding around your offering and your 100 % commitment and belief in what you sell. They will see right through you, if you do not believe your product or service is the best offering for them and their needs. Your customers will detect any doubt you may have about your product or service. Your enthusiasm, commitment and belief in what you sell, is emblazoned in every gesture, facial expression, voice tone and nuance, you unconsciously project during every meeting. You can and never will be successful selling anything you aren’t 100 % knowledgeable about and that you believe to be the best there is.


Do you believe that telling a customer or prospect just a small white lie is OK? For example, if you forgot to send them an email, is it OK to tell them you did, that there must have been a technical challenge, somewhere so they never got it. The simple answer here is, “NEVER EVER, EVER TELL A LIE TO A CUSTOMER OR PROSPECT”, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. If you want to build, long term sustainable, successful relationship with your customers. You can only do that on a bed of integrity, honesty and authenticity. Build and consistently project an exemplary character and you will excel at sales.


There is no better way of building “TRUST” with people than comes from consistency. McDonalds may not sell the best burger around, but one thing they do exceptionally well, is produce consistent burgers throughout the world. You can go to any McDonalds anywhere in the world and you know exactly what you can expect. When you consistently offer good quality, great service and always meet your commitments, selling and closing sales becomes simple.


Think long term, focus on fair exchange and build real and lasting connection with your customers and prospects. People like to be around people they can depend on and who feel like friends. When you connect with people, they will not only “TRUST” you, they will become part of your sales team. They will freely refer you to other people and even edify you with them. Build real connection with your customers and prospects and you will have loyal, raving fans, who will help and support you in return.

As the level of “TRUST” between you and your customers grows, closing sales become simple. Your sales will grow, relationships will flourish, selling will become fun and challenges, stress and scepticism will decrease. Your customers will gladly pay a fair price for the value they receive, albeit a higher price than they would pay one of your competitors for a similar product and they will keep coming back again and again. They will also become raving fans, who will tell others about the value you offer. “TRUST” is the greatest competitive advantage any sales professional can have.

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Andrew Horton

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