Understanding the Pineal Gland

What is the Pineal Gland?

The pineal gland is commonly dubbed the “THIRD EYE”, for the following reasons:

  • It is the “BIOLOGICAL CONDUIT” between our physical, organic selves and our transcendent, spiritual selves. 
  • Inside the Pineal Gland are tiny little “CALCITE CRYSTALS”. 
  • These crystals are known to produce bioluminescence, which is a form of light without heat.
  • When placed under pressure, these little “CALCITE CRYSTALS”actually generate light, inside the brain, due to a piezoelectric effect on the bioluminescent crystals within the pineal gland.
  • When placed under pressure, these little “CALCITE CRYSTALS”actually generate light, inside the brain, due to a piezoelectric effect on the bioluminescent crystals within the pineal gland.
  • Both, the eyes and the pineal gland are connected to the visual (striate) cortex in the brain. 
  • I believe that we can experience sight (or something similar), through both our eyes and our pineal gland.
  • The pineal gland also regulates wakefulness and sleep.The pineal gland is very sensitive to light.
  • When the Pineal gland senses visible light, it makes a neurotransmitter called serotonin. 
  • This is the daytime neurotransmitter that enables us, to be aware of our location, in space and time. 
  • It makes us conscious of our bodies and connects us to our five outward looking senses. 
  • This neurotransmitter, causes our brain to vibrate at beta brain waves of 12 – 32 Hz.
  • As light reduces in the evening, our pineal gland, now starts to produce melatonin.
  • This is the night time neurotransmitter, which supports sleep. 
  • This is where our brain waves, start to slow down from Beta, to Alpha – Theta – Delta brain waves. 

Understanding the Pineal Gland and how it works

  • The Pineal gland, is part of our limbic brain, where our emotions and feelings get converted, into different chemicals or hormones. (In simplistic terms, it is the part of our brain that converts thoughts, into emotions, using different chemicals or hormones).
  • Our limbic brain is part of our primitive brain and as such, it does not have any vocabulary. 
  • Let me prove this to you, by asking you a simple question. Why do you love your mother? You will find it very difficult to answer this question, because, “LOVE” is an emotion that you express in your limbic brain. The limbic brain cannot express thoughts, emotions or concepts in words, only chemicals. So, the answer most people give, to this question, is this “It just feels right
  • The pineal gland, is a tiny pinecone shaped gland, the size of a grain of rice. 
  • It is located in the centre of your brain, between the back of your throat and the back of your head. 
  • Knowing the location of the pineal gland is important, as you need to know where to visualise it, when we are attempting to activate it. 
  • Remember that, where you attention goes, energy flows.
  • The pineal gland is both a receiver and transmitter. 
  • The pineal gland is a “NEUROENDOCRINE TRANSDUCER” secreting melatonin. (Transmitter and receiver)
  • There are crystals in the pineal gland that could be responsible for an electromechanical, biological transduction, due to the piezoelectric properties of those crystals. (In understandable language, all that previous sentence says, is that the pineal gland may be a receiver and transmitter). 

Using the Pineal Gland to connect to the quantum field

  • Communicating with the quantum field or using a specific part of our limbic brain namely, the “PINEAL GLAND”, as a tool, to transcend consciousness, can only be achieved, by expressing a positive emotion, such as “LOVE or GRATITUDE”.
  • As I stated previously, the emotions that are expressed by our limbic system, are in the form of a chemical response, which we experience, because of the excretion of different chemicals or hormones. 
  • If your limbic brain, cannot communicate with you using words (vocabulary), then, intuitively, you must realise that we cannot expect to engage or use our pineal gland (Limbic brain), as a conduit to consciousness, using words either. 
  • Our “POSITIVE EMOTIONS“ are the key to unlocking the “POWER” of our “PINEAL GLAND” 

Why won’t negative emotions work, to activate the “Pineal Gland”?

  • Yes, of course negative emotions are expressed in our limbic brain, as are positive or emotions associated with “LOVE”. 
  • So, why can’t I you use negative emotions, such as anger or fear, as a catalyst to connect with my limbic brain?
  • Negative thoughts do not stimulate, the right part of the limbic brain, namely the “PINEAL GLAND”, in the way it needs to be aroused, to connect with the quantum field. 
  • Negative thoughts, also entice us to be outward looking, where we view our world through our five senses.
  • Negative emotions, also cause us to excrete the polar opposite type of body chemistry, to what is needed, to support transcendence or connection to the quantum field. 

Understanding the “POWER of our PINEAL GLAND”

Have you ever wondered how you can experience the following?

  • How you can have a lucid “DREAM” where what you experience whilst in a dream state, is so vivid that it feels like you were actually living in that dream.
  • How people can have out of body experiences, where they have actually travelled, to a point in space and time, different to their current physical location. 
  • How people can connect to consciousness or the quantum field itself. 
  • How people can reach deep levels of “GAMMA MEDITATION”?

The point of this article, is to support you learn the art of unlocking the power of your “PINEAL GLAND”, so that you can access, all the above at will. 

Your Pineal Gland, is your internal, biological “TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER”

Transcending the world of our five senses

We are all spiritual beings, having a (fleeting) physical experience. We are anchored to our physical bodies, by means of a “POWERFUL SILVER CORD”. I have personally experienced an out of body experience, where I saw my spirit or “SELF” connected to this physical body, by means of a “POWERFUL SILVER CORD”.

Many other people, who have also had an out of body experience, have described a similar cord, connecting their spirit, to a physical body. 

So, yes I believe that we are “NOT JUST” the physical body, that we inhabit. We are a spiritual essence (a transcendent energy or frequency of consciousness), who has chosen to have a fleeting physical experience. The purpose of this physical experience, is one of growth, expansion and learning.

By USING a body (physical carbon based life force), for a short period of time, we become dependent on and aware of the passage of both time and we experience the illusion of “EMPTY SPACE”. In other words, we move out of the world of energy and frequency, where we experience “SELF”, as pure consciousness, into the physical realm, where we experience the illusion of the passing of time and the illusion of empty space. 

The world beyond our five senses, is a world of Energy and frequency.

The Illusion of the “Passage of time

In the realm of energy and frequency, both time and space cannot exist. 

Think about your dreams. 

  • Can you visit, your deceased grandmother?
  • Can you walk with dinosaurs?
  • Can you travel to locations around this planet and even distant galaxies, millions of light years away, instantly?

The answer to the above, is a resounding – Yes, of course you can do all the above.

Why do you think that is possible?

The explanation is simple, but comprehending this complex concept, can be quite challenging. As both time and space are constructs of the physical world, time can only exist in a physical manifest world. 

The world of energy and frequency, is timeless, constant and eternal.

As you know, we refer to it as “SPACE- TIME”. In other words, for time to exist, there has to be space.

Our physical world is a perfect example, of the construct of “SPACE”. As we experience “SPACE” in our physical world, we get to experience the illusion of “THE PASAGE OF TIME”, because traversing a space (moving from one point to another) requires the passage of time. 

Why is there no “SPACE” in the realm of Energy and Frequency?

In the realm of frequency and energy, there is no space. Frequency and energy are everywhere and they are everything.

To explain this concept, I am going to have to refer to quantum physics. This explanation, may be a little controversial, as it is quite different to the traditional view of quantum physics, as defined by the Copenhagen interpretation of the “Double slit experiment”. 

The Copenhagen interpretation of the “Double Slit Experiment

A simplistic explanation of this, is as follows:

  • A microscopic particle fired through a double split, exhibits both properties of a particle and a wave.
  • Only when an observer indicates the position of the particle, does the particle come into existence, until then the wave indicates only a probability, as to the particles possible location or trajectory. 

This has been a widely held, belief and the most fundamental theory held by the quantum physics, community.

Here is my challenge with this construct

  • All the mathematical equations, when doing calculations, around quantum physics, have to be balanced using something called Planck’s constant, to ensure that all the mathematical formulas work. 
  • The Planck constant, or Planck’s constant, is the quantum of electromagnetic action that relates a photon’s energy to its frequency. The Planck constant multiplied by a photon’s frequency is equal to a photon’s energy.
  • This constant is required, to ensure that the equations work. (something – UNKNOWN is missing).
  • The reason for this is that “SPACE” is not empty, as we believe, it must be, because we cannot detect anything, in space, with our senses or current technology. 
  • Current scientific theory, in this regard says that the reason for this is something unseen, called dark energy and dark matter. 
  • Well I believe that the solution to this dilemma is as follows:
    • I agree that so called “EMPTY SPACE” is filled with dark matter and dark energy. (unseen or undetectable energy and matter) 
    • I believe that this dark energy consists of the energy of consciousness and frequency itself
    • Dark matter, is that essence, which is the sum of “COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS”. (It consists of the sum of the essences (spirits) within the quantum field or collective intelligence)  
    • This collective consciousness and frequency (dark energy), is the “FLUID” that particles, flow within. 
    • The disturbance that we see in the double split experiment, is not a probability curve, but rather the waves caused by a single particle flowing through collective consciousness (dark energy) itself. 

Construct of Consciousness

I wasn’t planning to go down this road, but in the interests of offering a more comprehensive explanation, I want to describe how the addition of the concept of collective consciousness, solves the challenge of connecting the world of small particles (quantum) with the macro world (big) of physics. 

Every challenge with the equations, in quantum physics can be explained, by adding “Collective Consciousness” (dark energy), to the equation.

For clarity, I have attempted, to explain a few of the biggest challenges, which has confounded scientists, in the field of quantum physics, for many years, namely:

  • What was the singularity – where did it come from?
  • In line with Newtons law of the conservation of energy – Where did the original energy come from, to initiate the “BIG BANG”.  

The “BIG BANG” Theory

One of the most widely accepted theories about, how it all began, is referred to as the “BIG BANG” theory. The “Big Bang” theory is the leading explanation around, how the universe began. At its simplest, it says the universe as we know it started with a small singularity, then inflated over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today.

Because current instruments don’t allow astronomers to peer back at the universe’s birth, much of what we understand about the “BIG BANG” theory comes from mathematical formulas and models. Astronomers can, however, see the “ECHO” of the expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background. 

One of the challenges with this theory, is that we are unable to say with any certainty, what happened in the first few split seconds of creation. Newtons Law of the Conservation of energy, states that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. So, if energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.


  • What matter, made up the singularity?
  • What energy caused the singularity to expand?

The answer to both of these is simple, when you add the dark energy, of “COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS”. 

  • The singularity consists of frequency and collective consciousness
  • Note! I speak in the present tense here, as there can be no time, in the absence of space. 

I believe that accepting the existence of Collective Consciousness, as a form of dark or hidden energy, is the best way, for us to completely comprehend, the complex construct, called quantum physics.  

Demystifying the mystical – “SEEING” beyond your senses

Eye Of Horus

The grey part is the Pineal gland

Do you notice how similar the grey part of the brain, is to the “Eye of Horus”. The “Eye of Horus“, is the all seeing eye, from Egyptian methodology. In my mind I see the Eye of Horus, as a pictorial representation of the limbic brain. How could the ancient Egyptians, have known about the “POWER OF THE PINEAL GLAND“, so many thousands of years ago?

I believe the reason, is simply that we have lost our knowledge about the Pineal Gland and how it is our gateway to the quantum field or our inner – “ALL KNOWING SELF”. The great news, is that although, we may have lost the direct knowledge about the Power of the Pineal, we have not lost our abilities to use it. 

Calcification of the Pineal Gland

I don’t want to go into too much history, around why “FLOURIDE”, was added to our water and tooth paste, as it is very dark and depressing. Let me just state here that fluoride, was never added to our water, to improve the health of our teeth. It was done for a much more nefarious reason, namely to cause calcification of the pineal gland

Decalcifying the Pineal Gland

This picture, shows calcification of the pineal gland, due to consistent use of “FLOURIDE

  1. Immediately stop drinking fluoridated water
  2. Stop using tooth paste that contains fluoride
  3. Increase the consumption cacao in your diet
  4. Gaze at the sun for a few mins at sunrise and sunset.
    1. Make sure that you only do this once the sun is close to the horizon, to avoid damaging your eyes.
  5. Meditate daily and set and intention of clearing your pineal

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