Motivational Speakers – What Are the Benefits of Showing and Feeling Gratitude?

Motivational Speakers

What Are the Benefits of Showing and Feeling Gratitude?

As you know, your thoughts create your state of mind and the attitude you reflect to the world, which either make you feel positive and driven to succeed or they are restrictive and limit your daily efforts. Restrictive thoughts as you know do not only limit your growth and potential, but they also have a major effect on your health too. It is therefore wise to discover as many ways as possible to help you to remain in a positive mental place. One of the best ways I have found, which will allow you to achieve a really positive outlook and mind-set. Is the simple practice of looking around your world, discovering all the things that you have to be grateful for and then allowing yourself to feel real gratitude for them.

Improve your Health

Research has shown that practicing the art of gratitude has profound effects on the way you feel and respond to your world. This research has also shown that there are huge benefits to both physical and emotional wellbeing, in the form of a reduction in stress, fear, anxiety and even improvements in blood pressure, when you consciously feel gratitude. These studies have also shown that there are other benefits, such as a reduced incidence of depression, heart disease and immune system deficiencies, in the groups of people who practiced gratitude daily. You can definitely improve your health, emotional and physical wellbeing by consciously feeling gratitude for everything, which is working in your life.

Improving your Relationships

As perfect as our partners may at first appear to be, they seldom, if ever meet all our needs. There is always a gap, between our needs and expectations and what they are able to deliver. I know this must sound really callous, but this just one of those irrefutable facts of life and the reason some people can never stay in a relationship for very long at all. At first we only focus on all the things that are right and feel very fulfilled in the relationship. As time goes on, when the honeymoon period is over, some people start to focus on the small percentage in their partner, which is not ideal for them and so feel unhappy. This makes them look for the next partner.

The challenge is that the next partner also does not completely satisfy their needs either. They also only satisfy a portion, albeit a major part of what they want and expect. The key to make any relationship work is to consciously focus on the portion of the person, which is perfect for you and to feel real gratitude for this. This positive attitude shown towards your significant other will change how you feel, behave, interact with and support your partner. Your partner will in turn respond towards you in a more positive and supportive manner too. My experience has shown me that feeling and showing real gratitude towards your partner will deepen and strengthen your relationship with them.

Inviting Financial Wealth into your Experience

Operating from a positive optimistic perspective, where you see your glass as half full and you have huge expectations, which you believe are possible for you to achieve, will allow you to operate in a positive mind space and inspire you to take the daily action you need to take, to invite the financial abundance you desire into your experience. By focusing on all the things you have to be grateful for, you attune your mind to abundance and you will begin to see opportunities all around you, to create financial wealth and independence.

The gratitude you feel will allow you to remain more positive and inspired and will change how you show up every day. You will walk with more confidence, speak with authority and people will be more inclined to want to develop mutually beneficial relationships with you. Other influential people will see your abundant, progressive, positive attitude and want to build mutually beneficial relationships with you. Feeling gratitude will shift your mind space into a positive place and will create the perfect conditions for you to invite financial wellbeing into your life.

Gratitude is a Choice

Action Idea: Make identifying and feeling gratitude for all the wonderful things you have going on in your life, a new daily habit. This new success habit will allow you to shift your mind-set towards positivity and with practice, this new habit set will create more abundance, prosperity, wellbeing, fulfilment and invite more happiness than you ever thought possible into your experience. It is a simple law that, if you want to create abundance in any area of your life, you must first appreciate and feel gratitude for what you already have.

Our thoughts create our expectations and our expectations drive our actions, so if you operate from a standpoint of lack and negativity, your thoughts will create poor expectations, which will drive poor actions and so you will continue to create poor results. Operating from a positive mind space, on the other hand, where you are focused on feeling gratitude for all the abundance you already possess will drive you to have much greater expectations and allow you to believe in your abilities far more. This will inspire improved daily performance and finally the outcomes you desire will begin to manifest in your life.

Remind yourself to be Grateful

Action Idea: Write down all the things you have to be Grateful for Every morning, lunch time and evening. This will help to constantly remind yourself to feel gratitude and to remain in a positive place.

Yes focusing on taking action daily to achieve your goals is important, but don’t forget about the power of looking around your world and focusing on the wonderful things you have right beside you. All the things you have to be grateful for. Invest time to review all the areas of your life and discover all of them which are abundant. Use these successes, to help you focus on possibility and to inspire you daily, to take the goal specific action you need to take, to achieve your dreams.

Only focus on the past, to learn the lessons it offers and to appreciate all it has brought to you. This will equip you to approach the future with open arms, ready and willing to achieve all the new blessings, which will come to you. Remaining in an abundant state of mind, will create the perfect conditions for your inner creative genius and allow you to enjoy the abundance that is your birth right.

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