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motivational speakers positiveYou can never focus on the penalty of failure or all the things, which could go wrong and expect to have your days filled with success. When you focus on the negative, you are way more likely to infuse your performance with penalties and mistakes. What you consistently think about, you will most certainly bring about. Uncover the ability to focus on the positive, ask positive supportive questions, tell yourself what to do and everything in your life will change.

Counterfeit Money

The production of counterfeit money has become a huge industry worldwide and is one of the top earners for organised crime syndicates. To counter this threat, countries from all around the world, train specialists to recognise the counterfeit notes. Intuitively, you would think the specialists would be trained, showing them all the possible flaws and mistakes the counterfeiters make. In fact quite the contrary is true.

These specialised agencies, school their agents, by training them to see all the positive characteristics of real money only. They never train them with counterfeit money at all; they only get to work with genuine notes. This way they learn exactly what they need to look for, on a genuine note. They are exposed to all the different notes, until appraising them becomes second nature. They study each note, until they can easily identify all the specific features, which make the note genuine.

Because they are only exposed to genuine notes throughout their training, they are very skilled at recognising any counterfeit money, when they are on the job. Training, using positive input, namely only the genuine money, means that their minds are not cluttered, trying to see all the possible things, which could be wrong with the money. They are focused on identifying all the things, which need to be right i.e. they focus their attention on all the positive things, which must be right. This way they become real specialists, as any defect or imperfection immediately become glaringly obvious to them.

Making this work for you

Your mind has an incredible capability. If you focus on the negative or the consequences of failure; that is exactly what will be infused into your thoughts. As you know your thoughts drive your expectations, which in turn dictate what actions you will take or fail to take and your actions in turn, then deliver the outcomes you get to enjoy in your life. Negative thoughts + negative expectations + negative actions = negative results. Fortunately the opposite is also true. Positive thinking will result in positive results. So when you focus on the positive outcomes you want i.e. you focus on what to do, rather than on what not to do, you will see very positive results in your life.

Achieving Goals

So how can you apply this principal of focusing on the positive to support you to achieve the success you desire?

The first place to start, is to never set goals in negative terms. It has been a common misconception throughout history, that if you set goals, you will succeed right. Wrong, setting goals is an art, which requires them to be positive and inspirational, rather than negative and limiting or restrictive. Let me explain what I mean with an example:

If a tennis player sets a negative goal, not to double fault. He is effectively focusing on the penalty of failure and setting this as a goal. In other words he is expecting a positive result, by focusing on what he really does not want. My all-time favourite is a common mistake made by every woman who is not at her ideal weight. They set themselves a negative goal to lose weight. Our brains are built to protect us, so we are programmed to not want to lose anything. No wonder so many ladies struggle to ever achieve their ideal weights.

How your mind works

To completely understand this concept, it is important that you understand this very important distinction, about how the mind works. A fear is only really a goal in reverse. Our minds are not programmed to focus on the reverse of an idea. Focusing on losing weight or avoiding a double fault, reminds the person about the very condition they want to avoid in the first place. Losing weight forces the lady to focus on what she wants to avoid, instead of what she really wants to achieve. The thought of losing weight forces the lady to store a self-image, where she is overweight, instead of one where she is at her ideal weight.

Action idea: Try this right now. Instead of being happy, rather focus your attention on not being upset. Do you think you could ever be happy if you only focus your attention on not being upset? This epitomises why rich people are rich and poor people remain trapped in average. Rich people play to win whilst; poor people play not to lose.

Imagine if a tight rope walker was walking on the tight rope and his every thought was focused on “Don’t fall, Don’t fall”. Do you think that the tight rope walker would be very successful?

Setting those positive goals

  • The tennis player should set a goal like “First serve in every time”
  • The lady who is not at her ideal weight, should set a goal like “I come alive at 55”
  • Someone who is always late should set a goal like “Always on time, every time”

These positive pictures of achievement or positive goal statements create positive images in your mind and will pull you in the direction of the desired behaviour, rather than away from the desired routine or daily habit, you are attempting to develop. Positive goals, encourage positive thought + Positive expectation + positive action = positive outcomes.

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