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motivational speakersAs one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, I will guide you to look around your world. It is not very difficult to see that things are changing at an ever-increasing pace. In the past the change in business and our social lives was incremental, so those few who had personal strategies for success easily became super achievers. The new world we inhabit, which is information and knowledge based and where change is the new normal, means that having a set of personal strategies is not only necessary, but essential not just for success but for survival.

The days of operating on autopilot, comfortable that things were stable and you could continue to do business the way you always have, are over. Job security, where people could count on working at one company for their entire lives and then retiring are over. The business landscape is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Over 60 % of jobs, which exist today, never even existed in 2004. Can you imagine how our world will change by 2020? What new jobs will exist and what jobs, which look really safe and secure today, will not even exist?

You can no longer go through life, with the expectation that the organization you currently work for or even the government will take care of you. Neither option is a reality any longer. In 1982 the world population was 4.8 Billion. We have just passed the 7 Billion mark 30 years later. Projections are that the population will soon hit 10 Billion. As the world population grows and people live longer, there will be less resources available for governments to take care of the elderly. You need to accept 100 responsibility for yourself. Look in the mirror, right now. The person staring back at you is the only person, who you can count on completely to create the success and financial security you want and deserve.

Competition comes from every-where

Not too many years ago, my father would encourage us to eat our food at dinner time, by telling us about the hungry starving people in India and China. Today those same people are not starving for food, they are hungry for your job. The world has opened up to such a degree that, your competitor is not the person from your local chamber of commerce. It is anyone, anywhere, who posses similar skill, knowledge or ability.

Your competitors are hungry for food, hungry for security financial, hungry to have a great home, hungry to own a smart car, hungry for knowledge and hungry to keep growing every day. They are smart, have nimble minds, they possess skills and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in the work or market place. What is your commitment towards success? Are you willing to work long hours, on Saturdays or even Sundays if necessary, because your competitors from all over the world are? The changing world has seen a huge paradigm shift. The increasing population and ever increasing level of competition out, has resulted in people now needing to give more in service than they receive in payment.

Motivational Speakers Game of Life

This paradigm shift has changed the rules of the game forever. It is no longer possible to just coast through life. You must accept responsibility for and invest time every day into your personal development and growth. Unless you are growing every day, you are actually going backwards and within a very shot space of time the services you re able to offer, will be obsolete. Ok so enough of the doom and gloom, I have outlined a few simple action steps below to help you to master the new, ever changing world we now inhabit.
Take Responsibility for Yourself and Build Mutually beneficial Relationships

Motivational Speakers guide you to be more realistic and to accept that you are the CEO of your own future. Think of yourself as a service provider, with a single employee. You are effectively a company, who makes your services available to the market place. Yes of course you may sell your services to different organizations over time and may even sell your services to more that one organization at a time. As you can imagine, even though you may work with different organizations or even with two organizations at a time. You will still be 100 % loyal and offer your best to each one.

Obsolete Skills

It was not a long time back that a large group of people lost their jobs, only to find that their skill set had become obsolete. What are you doing to constantly grow your skills, knowledge and abilities? Don’t bury your head in the sand. Have the courage to ask yourself these few questions at minimum each quarter.

• What is changing in my world?
• How do these changes affect me?
• What trends should I be watching?
• What information or trends should I track
• How vulnerable am I?
• What knowledge do I lack?
• Am I investing at least two hours a day into my personal development?

Set up a Training Department

The new changing world we inhabit requires you to make a few fundamental shifts to the way you see things. The old way of doing and seeing is no longer valid. I love creating pictures in my mind to support me to do crucial things I know I need to do, but find difficult to make a habit. For example: as I think of myself as a business providing services to one or more business at a time, it makes sense to train my businesses, most crucial employee, namely me. It is in your businesses best interests to ensure that your key employee is constantly updating their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Motivational Speakers show you how to you use your life

As the CEO of your life, it is crucial that you act like a CEO and that you take a strategic view of your future. You must invest time to create a vision, set goals and properly allocate resources to optimize the way your life will turn out in the future. The world has changed and is going to continue to change for many years to come. Having one career throughout your life is no longer an option any longer.

Action Idea: Consider yourself, a company, who supplies services to your employer and possible even more than one employer at a time, be a great team player and work to develop long-term sustainable relationships with the right people, who can support you into the future.

Learn the art of Flexibility and be adaptable

You don’t need to look far outside of your own world to see the overstressed, overwhelmed, time starved world we now inhabit. I believe that the reason so many people live in a state of overwhelm and over-reaction is as a result of their need for instant gratification and our self-indulgent value systems. As long as we believe that we deserve privileges, without any responsibility, we will remain trapped in average.

As one of the most inspiring motivational speakers in South Africa, I will highlight the fact that, if you truly want to be successful in this world of constant change, where there are consistent daily surprises, you must learn to be flexible and never allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. You can never be pro-active when you are stressed or in a state of overwhelm. Find a way to wrestle back control of your life, learn not to sweat the small stuff. Rather stay centered and focused on the real issues and the things, which really matter.

The Serenity Prayer

Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference”, is a really crucial tool in your success toolkit. When you can live according to this crucial advice, your life, will unfold filled with the meaning and fulfilment you truly desire.

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