When do you Think you Should Give-up?

There are so many stories of persistence, where people kept chipping away for many years, experiencing constant setbacks and challenges along the way, but they never ever gave up. Every one of them, who kept relentlessly taking action daily, eventually achieved incredible levels of success.

Cornel Saunders was in his mid-60’s when he started Kentucky Fried chicken. He was repeatedly rejected, but his dream was so strong and his belief in what he was trying to achieve, so rock solid that he persisted until he succeeded.

Ray Croc was in his mid-50’s, having struggled for years with his milkshake machine making business, when he saw the potential for Mc Donald’s to become the incredible success it is today. His persistence and belief in his vision for the future, kept him going through many difficulties, until he eventually succeeded.

If Winston Churchill had died at the age of 63 we would not have even known, who he was. He had struggled his whole life to really make it in politics and due to persistence and a deep rooted belief in his purpose; he eventually became the most remembered Prime minister of the United Kingdom.

J.K Rowling author of the Harry Potter Books. Was clinically depressed, divorced, rejected by almost every publisher around and exposed to domestic abuse, but she refused to give up, she had a vision for her books and her future and with dogged determination, she eventually got her first book published by a small publisher, whose 8 year old daughter saw the wonders her books offered.
How persistent are you, have you given up at the first hurdle, which came your way, or are you willing to do what it takes to make a real and lasting success of your life? I can assure you that if you convert your dreams for the future into a crystal written down vision and you believe completely in your ability to convert that vision into reality, showing persistence, passion and a relentless commitment, you too can achieve any level of success you dream possible for yourself.

I will, Until
You are no different to any of the great achievers I have described above. The only thing holding you away from realising, your dreams and finally living your potential, is your lack of commitment towards seeing the wonderful possibilities available to you and then having sufficient belief in yourself, to allow you to create the environment, which will allow you to bring that picture of possibility to life in your world. Make the shift right now and include three new words in your life – “I WILL, UNTIL”. When you make this your new adage and you commit to keep chipping away at the success you desire in your life. Nothing can or will ever stop you.

When is the Right Time to Start?
Well right now is all you really have, so commit to use this moment and every moment, which will follow to take the right actions, to help you realise your dreams. Many of the great achievers I described to you above, were in the twilight years of their lives, before they began to enjoy incredible success. You are most certainly never too old to start your journey towards the success you desire. You can start at any age or at any time, as long as you allow yourself to have huge dreams and expectations, which you convert into a crystal clear vision for the future. Once you have completed this crucial first step all that is left for you to do is to create the environment, in which you can begin to believe in your ability to make your dreams real and then to keep taking action daily, until you eventually succeed.

Your Dreams will come True
I know your dreams can and will come true, they are possible for you to realise; you can and will achieve them, if you persist and never, Never, NEVER, ever give up. Adopt the adage of “I WILL. UNTIL” and you too will leave a legacy, like all the achievers I have described above have left.

Action Idea: Dare to be authentic and stop pretending you are anything other than what you really are. Once you are true to whom you really are and you are committed to direct your energy towards the things, which matter most in your life. Where you prioritise and focus on taking the right actions daily, you measure these actions regularly, improve any of them, which are not working and you keep chipping away, you will eventually succeed.

Success is Simple, It is not Easy Though
The process for inviting super achievement into your experience is simple. The challenge you face though, is that it is not easy. If you persist daily and take the right actions, you will eventually achieve greatness. Your small daily actions, will over time add up into incredible success. The only challenge you face, is the need to use your willpower to help you to build the success habit set you need, to support you to take the action you must take daily to succeed and achieve greatness.

Your challenge – as easy as it is to apply your willpower to develop the success habit you need to succeed, so easy is it not to use your willpower and to allow yourself to fall back into old destructive patterns of poor performance. I believe in you and can see the unlimited potential pent up inside you. Allow this potential to burst out and become the success you desire and deserve.

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Andrew Horton

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