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Overview of Wot the (Bleep) Now

Are you frustrated and convinced that your life is going nowhere? Do you feel like you have tried every possible tool, technique and gimmick to help you find success and fulfillment and yet you are still trapped in a life that is un-fulfilling and empty? If you answered yes to these two questions then you are not alone. The vast majority of people are just like you. They feel frustrated and incomplete. They are searching for answers to unlock their potential and turn it into fulfillment and long term success.

You are not alone if you are looking at your life, feeling trapped in a place where you are asking the question “Wot the (Bleep) Now?” I meet people just like you every day who constantly chastise themselves for not having enough willpower to carry out the commitments they make, to change their lives. They feel like they lack commitment and willpower and they constantly break every promise they make with themselves.

Reading this book will help you to answer that burning question “Wot the (Bleep) Now?”, by offering you a step by step guide to turn your willpower into “MYPOWER”. You will not need to completely reboot your life. I will show you how to make a few small shifts that will move you from mediocre to magnificent. You will be guided to introduce a few simple, yet very effective daily routines that will help you to achieve your dreams and turn your fantasies into Realities.

Wot the (Bleep) now?” is based on over 25 years of personal struggle and success. I have tried and tested all these tools in my own life and in the lives of many of my coaching clients. All the people that have embraced these ideas and applied them in their lives have transformed their lives and are living the success they deserve. This is not just another personal development book that promises to bring unimaginable prosperity into your life, if you simply sit and visualize cheques floating in through your mail box, all for three easy payments of $ 39.95!

I offer you a solid set of practical tools and routines that have been tested in the laboratory of my own life and businesses and those of many of my coaching clients. These simple ideas are easy to apply and to build into your new daily routines and long term success habit set. This book offers you an opportunity to finally take control of your destiny and to begin creating the future you want, moment by moment. The only challenge you face is that as easy as these new daily routines are to do, so easy are they not to do.

Accept that bringing success into your life is a process, it is not an event. So I ask you to finally meet your future today and to commit to include this process into your life. Wot if it is just and apple a day that keeps the doctor away and you don’t eat that apple? Wot if introducing this process into your life is all that you need to finally know Wot the (BLEEP) you want to do now? Wot if this is the key you have been waiting for, to unlock your potential and express your dreams and you neglect to make the small shifts and introduce the new daily routines? Are you willing to miss the opportunity to finally live a fulfilling and complete life, simply because you choose not to introduce and apply a few new daily routines into your life?

Best Conference Speakers in South Africa

This book is designed by one of the best Conference speakers in his field, to empower you to replace those limiting, dream killing habits that are keeping you trapped in mediocrity. With a success habit set that will make arriving at success one day feel effortless. Have you ever arrived at a destination and thought “How did I get here?” You have absolutely no idea what route you took or how you drove there. This is your habits or entrenched routines at work. How amazing is it that you can perform a complex task like driving through traffic, stopping at traffic lights, obeying the speed limit and being able to keep yourself safe. All without thinking about what you were doing or even remembering what you did. This is the basis behind the new routines we will gradually introduce into your life. Wot the (Bleep) Now? Is a guided tour that will show you how to move your life from the realm of the average and propel you to living a life of real meaningful fulfillment.

You are encouraged to gradually introduce a few new daily routines into your life, and to commit to practice them until they are habits. This will cement your success and allow you to arrive at your unique concept of success one day, asking “How did I get here?” You will develop new habits and they will become entrenched into your daily behavior. This will make achieving success feel effortless. Your role is not to keep applying willpower to everything you do. Your job is to learn a set of daily routines and to turn them into a success habit set.

This success habit set can then be pointed at any outcome or result you desire and turned into effortless success. Wot the (Bleep) Now? Is a book that is packed with practical advice on creating useful habits that will serve you. For too long we have focused our energy on setting goals and then expecting our willpower to carry us to the success we desire. This flies in the face of the way we are built and how we function. We are creatures of habit that quickly get into comfort zones of routine behavior. How can we expect to succeed at anything, if we do not use this simple concept to introduce a success habit set into our lives?

Instead of going against our instinctive conditioning and working harder and harder every day to pursue success. We rather create a set of daily routines that become our comfort zone and success habit set. We learn to tune into how we function best and we use our basic human conditioning as a tool for creating the outcomes we desire. The reason we feel like we never keep the commitments we make to break free from mediocrity. Or why we never keep our new years resolutions or stick to achieving our goals is that we work against our natural instincts. We think we can force ourselves to do things trough sheer willpower alone. This is the reason we seem to fail every time.

We constantly operate outside our comfort zones, we expect ourselves to push through and apply massive doses of willpower to keep us inspired. It is no wonder that so many people land up not achieving the success they deserve or desire. They are working against their natural makeup and design. You would never expect great results if you entered a combine harvester in a formula one motor race. The combine harvester is not designed for speed, it is designed for process. Similarly you cannot expect your brain to work differently from the way it is designed to operate. It is designed to keep us safe and to operate routinely within the bounds of our comfort zone. Yet we force our brains to operate under stress, we expect that our willpower is enough to override our basic programming. That we can operate outside the basic design parameters of our brains for prolonged periods and when we fail we torture ourselves and chastise ourselves as failures.

Wot the (Bleep) Now? will show you that long term sustainable success is not a mystery. It is a compounding process of small daily routines, over time that adds up to significant results. Once you accept this truth and you commit to make the shift needed to begin developing your new habit set. You will have discovered the path to living a fulfilling and meaningful life. You will be guided how to uncover your unique “MYPOWER” and shown how to create a success habit set that is unique to your circumstances and workable for you. Developing your new routines and turning them into your habits is a multi level process and will be designed and implemented using your unique circumstances as the yard stick.

As one of the most informative and entertaining Conference Speakers, I will show you how to regain the belief in your abilities and how to remain focused and passionate about your success. We will explore challenges, roadblocks and setbacks and you will be guided to accept them, manage them and then find ways to exploit them to your advantage. Challenges are all part of the success process, so when they do show up and they will. You will know not to allow them to overwhelm you. Your new habit set will equip you to review each challenge, find solutions and even reveal opportunities that may be hidden behind each challenge. The measure of someone is never whether they encounter challenges, but rather how they choose to respond to any challenge that crosses their path.

Best Conference Speakers in South Africa

Your failure in the past to stick to any commitments you made is most certainly not a sin. It is merely a symptom of the methods you employed in the past. These Methods flew in the face of the natural workings of your body and the basic operating principals of your brain. Your past failure was the result of not utilizing your machinery properly. You can never expect yourself to succeed when you place yourself under stress and you operate outside your natural area of strength and comfort. Stop trying to impose new pressure on yourself, using pure willpower to achieve the results you want. When you do this, you place yourself under a huge amount of unnecessary stress. Your body’s natural defense mechanisms then come into play and your body strives to get back into balance.

The trick to stop this cycle of never ending un-kept promises and failure is to avoid placing your body under any unnecessary stress. Commit to gradually expand your comfort zone and to progressively develop a set of success habits that will make success both inevitable and effortless. When you remove the imbalances or stressors from your life and you work instead to operate within the natural parameters or functioning of your body. You bring your system back into balance and you are able to function optimally, working with your body, rather than against it. The principals offered in Wot the (Bleep) now? must become your new way of life, a new way of doing things. Your new success habit set will become your new entrenched way of doing things. It will be the way you do things. The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

Creating a New Success Habit Set – Conference Speakers

The book is organized into three logical sections. You will be guided through a systemic and natural flow, to answer the question of Wot the (Bleep) Now. “How do I create a new success habit set that will deliver the success I desire?”

Section One

You will be introduced to the principals we will be utilizing throughout the book and why they work. This will be done in a compassionate and very simple and concise fashion.

The first section offers a simple set of questions in the form of a quiz and comprehensive tools that will help you to identify your own unique circumstances and starting point or set point.

The simple and easy to follow quiz and toolkit that is offered in this section is simple and fun to use. They will most certainly help you to uncover where you are right now and will also equip you with the information you need to make good decisions and help you to get clarity about where you want to go.

This section is designed to form the foundation of the process and highlights and explains the importance of moving away from stress and imbalance toward a more positive outlook and inner harmony.

Section Two

This is where we introduce the three simple concepts or new habit developing tools to encourage balance and harmony in our lives. The reader is guided to gradually introduce these three new ideas into their lives. These concepts are learned and will become the new way of doing things.

Meetings with Your Future

This tool is offered to the reader to equip them with the necessary time to carry out the activities necessary to succeed. This is time that you schedule every day to devote to making a meaningful difference to the way your future will turn out.

When you choose to include this very simple tool for creating a new success habit set into your daily schedule. You are ensuring that you have the time you need to make a real difference in your life.

Code of Personal Achievement

This is a tool that allows you to start developing a new routine that will ensure your success and turns it into your new success habit set.

Readers are encouraged to choose five activities that they will carry out every day. These activities must be congruent and aligned with the outcome they are attempting to achieve. These are activities that are routinely carried out every day until they become entrenched habits.

This is a unique set of rules or codes that you set for yourself. This code acts as a daily reminder for you to carry out activities that will help you learn new positive habits. Over time as you apply daily discipline and you carry out your codes or personal daily commitments, you instill a new set of behaviors that eventually evolve into your new positive habit set.

Performance Management System

Whatever gets measured gets done. This is a simple system that is designed to measure performance on a daily, weekly quarterly and annual basis.

This system is designed not only to measure performance, but is also a system to celebrate success and a way of remaining inspired and driven to succeed.

Section Three

Plan, Do, Review and Improve


Invest time to build a plan i.e. set realistic goals for the next year. This plan must include strategies to improve, grow and develop new skills and knowledge so that you never repeat the mistakes of the past. It must also include measurement criterion to regularly measure your progress.

Take Action (Do)

No plan is of any value unless you commit to take consistent daily action to realize your plan. This is where your new habit set will be applied to any goal you wish to achieve.


History serves one purpose and that is one of learning. Review your progress, errors and challenges from the past year and look for ways to avoid repeating them in the future. Take a really good look at things; examine all the things that worked and the things that didn’t. Explore all your behaviors, habits and disciplines, see which are working and which aren’t. Learn the lessons this information offers and schedule the necessary improvements so that you will triumph the next year.

Constantly review how you do

Take a look every day and assess if the actions you are taking are delivering the desired results. Every week take a more detailed look at the actions you are taking and ensure that they are aligned with the outcomes you are trying to achieve.


When you review your actions and they are not delivering the desired results, improve and change them until they do.

This is a really simple process for long term sustainable success. Your biggest challenge is that as simple as it is to do, so easy is it not to do. Carry out the daily actions with conviction and stay disciplined, the rewards are worth the effort.

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